You Must Create Beyond your Core Offering. Making More Things for your Customer to Buy.

By Jeremy Blake on December 8, 2020

This is the ‘what happens next’ question. When a customer has bought your most valuable item or service, which they may have grown towards having first bought your entry level product, what can you offer next?

My favourite chocolate business sells boxes of chocolates you can order monthly. I received a phone call asking me what I thought of my last box. “Great” I say!

“Would you like to know about the Christmas selections we have”.  I would, and I do, and now I aim to impress my wife and whoever will be in our bubble!  And yes, the easiest person to sell to is a salesperson, well certainly in my case.

My business moved to Zoom land back in March and we’ve camped out there ever since. We train live and have a number of ways to embed that learning at a distance, without the same cost as getting us in, live.  We have blogging platforms, run online meetings and presentations, webinars, develop bespoke podcasts and deliver a whole range of different type and group size coaching and facilitation sessions.

These are continuity products that can be measured and allow us to keep working with, and keep in touch with, our clients at a pace and a price they are pleased to pay.  Our webinar style films that are now recorded and broadcast, are hosted in the Cloud, so clients have a permanent recorded resource. When we make training films using actors and presenters, these are the perfect boosters for trainees and an engaging introduction for new starters to have onboarding and help them quickly understand the expectations clients have for them.

So, if your products or services seem to have an end point, create a further point of development. It may not be something you can make or offer, it may be that having had your help, they need the help of another professional or specialised service, or to invest in a different service or product. Remember: keep asking your customers what they want and what they need, if they can describe the outcome you can identify the intervention, then help them get it.

This is adapted from The Perfect Storm, 30 ways to Drive Your Business, now an audio book on Audible.
The perfect virtual stocking present

Ask Yourself:

What are my continuity products?

How can we create new ones?

Which do our clients need the most?