You Can Choose Your Attitude

By Jeremy Blake on February 11, 2021

You can decide to approach an economic downturn with a positive attitude. You can decide that your company is going to have a positive attitude and look at how you can foster this internally and message it externally.

We all witness negativity breeding and we are often responsible for passing this on ourselves without realising.

We can manage our company’s attitude, but what about our own? When do we need to re-assess our own feelings about how we are behaving in terms of our business effectiveness? There are three key actions we can take:   

1:   Grow Knowledge – Knowledge gives confidence.

2:   Be Open to Change – through change we find new opportunities.

3:   Surround yourself with like-minded people, even if that is online at this time.

Growing Knowledge: the more information we can gather, and the more knowledge we can give to others, the more useful we become to them. Modern commerce is such a new thing, so underdeveloped, that we need to keep on learning and relearning as it changes.  Which brings us to being ‘open’ to change. It’s very easy to remain locked in our past, in the safety of what went before. But that way lies failure, or something worse, stagnation. Adaptability gives us far more chances for success and technology has shown us that.

Number three is the hardest thing to do because we don’t always have control over who we work with, but you’ll understand what we mean when we say, that when you have worked in a great team of positive and motivating individuals then it becomes essential to us for the remainder of our career to try and find those types of people again, because we know what success feels like, and will know it once again, when we have managed to bring together another team of talented and like-minded people.

Having the right attitude can’t really be brought out of you by others, they can inspire you, but you must choose to have it, and then choose how to show it. Then in time, the habit of having a good attitude will be permanent.

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