Which Open Courses to Choose?

By Jeremy Blake on March 23, 2021

Training Explained as Dining Options…

What is an open course? A course open to all. No boundaries to enter. One shared ticket price. It is tried and tested content served to you over 5 modules, with additional coaching, podcasts, videos and a full programme workbook to keep.

You can feast on the Head Chef’s 5 signature dishes, that hundreds, and in our case many thousands of diners have eaten before, written about and recommended their friends tuck into.

The open course is not prepared only for those patrons prepared to pay a high-ticket price and the doors of this restaurant will not be closed due to a private booking.

The doors are open, the Maître d' is going to greet and serve you too. You’ve already paid, we’ll feed you very well and know you’ll love the popular dining options and portion size.

The Reality Restaurant has a number of Open Dining Options, for those hungry to eat and win revenue, there is the How to Sell menu. For managers looking for a different diet, we have two proven meal plans to choose from. Frontline Management 1 and Frontline Management 2.

To read the menu and see our opening hours go to www.realitytraining.com and access details from the home page.

What else is cooking?  We are currently testing out a new recipe for our business-to-business diners and will be launching a specific business to business selling banquet this summer.

If you want to be the first to hear about the ingredients for that, email ann@realitytraining.com and as soon as we have tried all the dishes ourselves and know we can serve them up hot, Ann will let you know the dates to come dine with us.

Hungry? Click the links above, contact us on 01580 720377, or email ann@realitytraining.com to book your places at the table.