What we do Outside of Work will Determine how Well Work goes

By Jeremy Blake on January 11, 2021

As we gear up for new delegates coming onto our open programmes, it seems now more than ever what we do outside of work will determine how well work goes.

All the small interactions we enjoy with the people we see at any place of work, are for many removed and now virtual. We know its’ for our own good.

I caught Corona from one of my super spreader teens, who are now all at home.  For them too what they do outside of work helps them engage better in their virtual schooling. 

As I type it is being decided who is going on the next walk with the dog to discover a new route. You must take the liberties that you have.  Exercise once a day and get out.

We don’t have the sunshine to make things shine, so polish up on how you feel about things by being far more active.

Sitting in the garden isn’t an option but digging it is.  We can’t lay down to tan but can lay down turf, stones or something else.

Keeping active physically is not only good for the body but good for the mind.  Working or exercising outside will at the very least give you something other than your screen to look at!

While you’re outside, listen to nature, an audio book, or music. I have just started Solve for Happy, I recommend it, as well as anything by Christine and the Queens…  If you need more, you can repeat a Perfect Storm or another open course insight!