What People Need Now is some...Questions.

By Jeremy Blake on February 2, 2021

“I want some answers goddammit!” Said no one in real life ever. That line appears in thousands of Hollywood films usually spoken by someone military, who turns out to have less understanding than the film’s hero!  People want answers to what matters to them, but only what they feel is important to them – stick with me…there are more important things to be unearthed…

If a prospect or current client says to you, “I need X to be different, I don’t like it…” many sellers would go about modifying, changing, discounting or at the very least trying to appease the buyer and win the sale.  There’s a good follow up question skipped by most people in sales. That is, “why is that important to you?”  The buyer then thinks. They are likely to tell the seller why, and in the process can articulate a deeper need, feeling or objective.  Often with the emotion modified or reduced the seller can be much clearer on where they can add value.

On our Open Courses we train your sales and service people to ask questions no one else is asking.  When you are trained how to do that, you can see where you can add value to your customers and clients and crucially help them see too.

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