What Makes People Buy B2B Sales Training and Development?

By Jeremy Blake on May 25, 2021

First you need to look at the question, who are the people buying the B2B sales training?

There can be a big difference between the buyer and the receiver of the training.

When someone buys a place on a course with their own money it can be because they are very driven and already in the habit of investing in their own development.

They are likely to have bought other courses, books, CDs, videos, downloadable content, attended events or are graduating from free events to something which goes much deeper. They are often ambitious and even if the company they work at won’t invest in them, they know that the development and learning is for life.

What about when someone else is paying for it? When someone is buying development for either their whole team or a few members of their team who sell their business services or products to other businesses - why do they do it?

Here the answers expand, and the list becomes much longer. It also depends if they are from a sales director, HR, or L and D background; or if they are the owner and the business itself if it is relatively small.

Here’s what I have found over the last 21 years about buying motives specifically for business to business training.  I give you the top ten motives for spending company money training business development people.

  1. The ROI is easy. You sell services for an ATV of £1,000 the course costs £1,000. The salesperson is tasked with selling 2 a week. It is only one extra sale, and the investment is returned.
  2. Belief and Optimism Outweighs Pessimism - You believe in the trainers, the content, and the training company, you know that the training is of a high standard and your people will be getting something you can’t deliver or offer internally.
  3. Growth and Profit Minded – as the investor or sponsor, you know that current under performance is due to a lack of skills and application and with the right training your team member/s will gain skills, models and methods which will help them grow themselves and your business.
  4. Not Everyone is Like You – good leaders, whether entrepreneurs or employed, realise that not everyone is like them. Even if you have got to where you are through learning, studying, and hard work, you know that you may have a team with huge gaps in knowledge and you find the right source to plug those gaps.
  5. See that the Company is not Moving or even Stagnating – the team isn’t enthusiastic, the market is tough, and business has got harder, mostly in the minds of your business development people. Sometimes you need someone from outside. You research, ask for referrals and reach out to the right training company to build the team back up.
  6. To Retain Talent – what’s the secret of retaining talented people? Reward them, invest in them, pay them properly. Ticking one of those boxes isn’t enough. Being well paid is one thing, being well trained is quite another. Professional training takes your salespeople from good to great and you also get a new version of average. The consistently lowest performers grow and get the rocket they needed, or they move on, while your team, you and your firm move up.
  7. Declining Sales – People buy preventatives over cures. “If I get a headache, I’ll just take a pill”. Why not try just eating better and drinking enough to prevent it in the first place. Very often investing in new ideas and better skills saves your business. You’ll wish you’d done it sooner! You’re not alone, fear of loss drives decision making for so many businesses over desire for exponential growth.
  8. Wild Inconsistency – whether you have 10, 100, or 10,000 salespeople, you realise the customer experience, let alone the sales process, dramatically differs depending on which salesperson the client gets.  By investing in a contemporary up to date approach you are giving your people what they need to sell and build relationships in this changing world. Yes, you’ll have some old dogs that don’t want to learn new tricks, you’ll also have some that get a new lease of life and beat the young pups. They just needed proper training to re-invigorate their sales souls.
  9. The Market has Changed – Rather than living a life with declinism bias, instead recognise that your marketplace has changed beyond all comprehension, so you need a new approach to sell and handle customer expectations and get on top of all the technological changes in client communication. You don’t admit defeat, you admit you need help, there’s a big difference. The only constant is change. What seems hard to you is the expertise another can pass across.
  10. Demand has Changed and so has Resilience – whether you are riding a wave of high customer demand or it has dropped off a cliff, you need a huge lift in skills to cope, especially if you have a lower enquiry rate. If you averaged 100 enquiries a week and had a conversion rate of 50% and now have an enquiry rate of 50 a week, you’re making 1,300 less sales this year. What lifts a conversion rate? Knowledge is power. Knowledge of how to take an enquiry from start to finish.

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