What is Executive Coaching? And Do You Need Some?

By Bob Morrell on December 6, 2018

Executive Coaching is the fastest growing part of our business. One-to-one, confidential sessions focusing on asking the right questions to help each person find the right way forward, for themselves. This is a private, often intense process which is designed to challenge and create debate. Typically, a Manager will commit to 6-8 sessions over a few months to focus in on specific issues such as; confidence, promotion, demotion, motivation, presenting, work-life balance, strategy, leadership, ethical questions, succession planning and mergers and acquisitions.

Within these sessions different ideas and techniques are used to stimulate thought and creativity. The outcomes are varied, and for each individual personally gratifying, because in each case they will have made decisions they feel 100% confident in. Some outcomes are greater success, job fulfilment, better work life balance, promotion or moving jobs to a better role.

The skill of the coach is to understand the goals, the contract with each person, their employer, and what each side want most from the intervention.

We have 2 qualified coaching practitioners delivering these sessions, several associates we recommend and another of our staff is currently being trained by an accrediting body for executive coaching.

The biggest problem we come across when delivering coaching is time. For all those that want to invest in that time to think, reflect and plan, many will postpone or cancel sessions because ‘real life’ gets in the way.  More senior people can feel threatened if someone is prioritising themselves over the needs of a business – even though that time is ultimately going to benefit the business. So the temptation to defer or cancel means that often sessions can’t happen.

As part of the process of being a coach, we are coached by fellow coaches. And sometimes we find it hard to fit these sessions in to our lives. For example, last week I was coached by my fellow practitioner Elise. Before the session there were things I was desperate to work on, things that were pressing issues I needed to get on with. Even so I reluctantly made myself available and did the session. I am so glad I did. That session really inspired me to manage my priorities differently and made me realise that certain things I thought were important to me, were, when analysed and considered, of very little interest at all. This perspective helped me see things differently and I’ve had a more productive and personally enjoyable time at work since.

So I have 3 tips for all managers reading this;

1) Executive Coaching is a great investment – and whoever funds it – company or yourself – you should consider it as an investment in your future.
2) The more time you can devote to really questioning your motivations and options, the more you will reap the rewards through increased productivity and focus – this investment pays off.
3) Beyond work, a coaching session will inspire you to take new steps in your life which your immediate family and friends will benefit from, so many more people win from coaching.

Finally, at Reality Training your first session with us is free – so you have nothing to lose but an hour of your time to see if this would be good for you – and don’t tell me you can’t spare an hour? Contact ann@realitytraining.com to book your session in.