What Do You Need To Be A Good Key Account Manager?

By Jeremy Blake on September 27, 2021

Your company's success relies a lot on key accounts, and being able to manage them properly ensures the growth and achievement of your business goals.

We have a Key Account Management Training Programme to teach effective skills you could use to build the best relationships with your key accounts. Here's where you learn the workable ways to implement sustained key accounts growth, vital for your business.

Our highly experienced experts guide on what's needed to become a good Key Account Manager, which includes;

1. Excellent Company and Client Expertise

You'll need to be an expert within your industry and the customers you serve, to be able to nurture good, strategic relationships with key accounts. 

If you understand their account strategy, their market position, needs, and goals, you can always develop better propositions which are also greatly helped by your knowledge of their business and marketplace.

2. Great Communication

A good Key Account Manager must have excellent communication skills as they'll be communicating with their key accounts and teams on a regular basis. 

You must be able to communicate well and impress, whether in person or over the phone through calls and video calls or email.

Since a Key Account Manager connects with most if not all members of the organisation, they'll need great communication skills to ensure every member understands what is required of them in ensuring key accounts are correctly managed.

3. Good Leadership Skills

Being a Key Account Manager may mean you'll be leading a team to ensure excellent management of key accounts to; retain them, build mutual value and experience vital revenue growth for your company. You must be visionary, good at directing, delegating and managing people at all levels of experince You should be confident enough to gain respect from both co-workers and your most valued customers.

4. Strategic Perspective

You ought to be able to see beyond short-term gains as a Key Account Manager. Remember, considering key accounts as a long-term investment is one tactic of managing key accounts. This is why you need to be able to deal with many plans, all pointing towards long-term results. 

Key Account Management prioritises long term relationships offered by key accounts, over short-term transactions which is why you'll need a strategic perspective.

5. Great Negotiation Skills

A good Key Account Manager possesses killer presentation skills, a keen sense of timing and the confidence and mental strength to hold their ground and push back if necessary, when dealing with key accounts. These are some of the best negotiation skills a Key Account Manager requires. 

As a Key Account Manager, you must come up with negotiation terms that'll make both parties happy, your company and the key accounts.

6. Value-Oriented Selling Skills

Understand the most important tactic of selling as a Key Account Manager if you want to be good. 

If you could sell on value and how you can solve your clients' problems, you are far more likely to be the main supplier of large accounts.

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