What are you biased about?

By Jeremy Blake on June 10, 2021

What do we feel about someone working from home with no one else to look after who is struggling with virtual meetings, compared to the busy single parent who juggles it all and appears to be in the zone?

Presenteeism has changed. When before we all came into a workplace, we didn’t judge people in the same way. You reader may not, but are other people in yours and other organisations developing a new unconscious bias that discriminates against certain perceived behaviours. It has been said many times perception is reality, but when you saw someone face to face it was easier for you to change a misconception or a feeling they had about you or your attitude to work.  I praised someone yesterday in a live and virtual training session for looking so engaged and keen to try the new concept. Her response, ‘I must start telling my face not to look as it does, I’m really struggling.”

You see? Or you don’t see…  We have recorded a new episode of Bob and Jeremy’ Conflab on Biases.

In it we explore the fact that when lockdown hit presenteeism bias became even more challenged. 
If people aren't in the building how can I trust them?!
Often the least trustworthy people project, unconsciously biased...
In this episode we look at:
Confirmation Bias
Action Bias 
Declinism Bias

With remote working here to stay we discuss how we now view people working from home; whether they are single, or a busy parent, we never judged them in quite the same way when we shared a workplace.
We offer some ways for businesses to deal with the changing ways of work. 
Adapting is vital. Different yes, but not always difficult.

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