What’s your job title?

By Bob Morrell on April 26, 2018

LinkedIn has a new and worrying trend. So I have a number of job titles, I am an MD of a training company, I am an executive coach and I am a consultant. That’s specifically what I do for a living. It’s difficult to narrow it down to a single thing. For others it’s easy, CEO, Sales Executive, Marketing Manager, PR Lead EMEA, whatever. But now there is a third category:


  1. Helping company’s utilise their data to be compliant and 10 times more efficient.
  2. Getting your marketing strategy on track and finding new customers.
  3. Evangelist for creating hygge and chi in your workplace.
  4. Grabbing hold of your assets and making them grow.


Number 4 is a joke – but you get the gist. This is, I suppose, designed to make us click on the person and read about exactly what they do and who for. But sadly these non-job titles are a real turn off. You’re making your profile into an advert, for your company and you. There’s a kind of twisted logic to this, so if you look innovative and energetic in their photo – few do – and then you ‘attract’ someone to click on your profile due to the vagueness of your job description, they can ‘capture’ as a viewer and begin a dialogue.


I think this is not the purpose of the linked in profile. Imagine going to an interview and having 3 different, long winded descriptions that explain in a cryptic way what you do – you’ll be lucky to get in the door!


Marketing is about the organisation and what you deliver. You as an individual are your history and your ambition. The two, surely must be separate descriptions – different marketing to different audiences.

This is a grey area that I would welcome feedback on – and if any ‘describers’ are doing well with this strategy then maybe I’m wrong?