Two new books have begun!

By Jeremy Blake on July 8, 2021

It’s been a few years since we found subjects we were excited to write about, but we have now begun writing not one, but two new books!

Yesterday Bob and I spent the day sharing our ideas and research with two working titles we each had and drew out plans, story arcs and chapters for both books.  We have better working titles now too.

One is a book that draws inspiration from someone from the past whose work has huge resonance today. I won’t say anymore at this stage, other than to say many people know some of his maxims but not his name or the vast body of breakthroughs he achieved in communication.

The other is a book about a more current problem, but one that has been around since businesses and organisations began to form. The reason it is more of a problem now is consumers and business customers have more choice and being loyal to the brand you work for or the brands you buy from has become a significant challenge for everyone concerned.

During the pandemic certain businesses that a few years ago would have ticked along have absolutely rocketed and boomed, while others sure of their model have struggled to adapt to change, both internally and externally in how they communicate with each other, talk to customers and deliver their products or services to them.

This book will highlight a specific problem that many but not all businesses and organisations have and will give examples of how to deal with the issue from the top down and the bottom up. And, it is always and only when the lowest paid is happy that real change sticks.

To help with our research I have two questions and if you have something we can dig into further it would be good to talk to you.

  1. Which brand that you have been loyal to for years and years has lost you recently due to very poor service and communication? (not price or quality).
  2. Which new brand have you gone to that you felt regardless of how hard the team, large or small were working, they were a fully connected and collaborative company?

Thanking you in advance, please email