Transformation to Leadership – Executive Coaching Programme

As executive coaches, working with senior managers and teams, we want to help each individual create meaningful change for themselves and their organisations. 

Most managers are appointed to their positions through achieving levels of success, or go through heavily structured management courses, which may, or may not have value – executive coaching bridges that gap. 

Reality Training has built a coaching team, who have created an effective coaching programme for senior executives – Transformation to Leadership. 


This is a coaching led programme over 4-5 months that takes a groups of senior managers, looks at them individually, allocates them an executive business coach, and they work with that coach through one-to-one sessions. At the end of that coaching period, the group re-convenes and reflects on that journey – then allocates an internal mentor/partner to continue this beyond the programme. 

Brands use these interventions to create a mentoring/coaching culture. They invest in their senior people in a way that really creates lasting change and self-management. 

How this cascades down into the organisation as a whole is down to the management group and their priorities. 

Our executive coaches are: 

Bob Morrell     

Bob specialises in business growth and works with commercially focused executives, looking for profitable trading results.                       

Jeremy Blake 

Jeremy loves looking at the individual and picking out their key drivers. 
John Welsh   

John’s specialism is in inspiring senior people to look differently at their businesses, and is an expert in digital transformation.    

Caroline Arnold

Caroline brings a different dimension to our coaching through her experience as a Senior HR Manager and through running her own coaching practice from Bristol. 


To find out the simple way this programme is delivered please email