Top Tips for Contact Centres for 2023 

By Bob Morrell on January 30, 2023

In one of our recent podcasts, Ann Harris and I talked about our Top 3 strategies that Contact Centres need to focus on this year. 

They are: 

1) Know your conversion rate and increase it - if you are currently a 5 in 10 person, this year you will want to hit 7 or 8 sales per 10 interactions. How can you do that? With skills and training. 

2) Retention – we must make sure that our retention conversations, keeping customers, ensure that if we are winning less new customers, we aren’t losing even more who go elsewhere. This is a different conversational skill – reselling.

3) Investing in your top people to keep them - in the current market, anyone who is good is valuable. By investing in people, they are more likely to stay. 

Find the full podcast, ‘Top Tips for Contact Centres for 2023’, from Contact Centre Focus, on your favourite podcast platform.