Top 3 Ways to Stay Positive – When working from Home

By Bob Morrell on June 15, 2020

When lockdown begun, we were so lucky that it coincided with a period of warm weather. During that period, as difficult as it was to adapt to being at home, the weather helped me stay positive. I could look out of the window, as I struggled to change how I was working and living, and say ‘well, at least it’s a lovely day’ and that really helped through those early stages. I’m someone who loves the sun, and blue skies.

Recently the weather has changed and so, remaining as positive has been harder for me, so I’ve adopted some new approaches which I’ll share now, which are really working.

Be Kind to Yourself

We’re all guilty of being self-critical. We have a voice in our heads, our own voice, which tells us what we think, of how we’re doing. We can be amazingly unfair to ourselves. We all know that nobody is perfect, and we make allowances for this, but when it comes to ourselves, every fault, perceived or real, is something we come down hard on. Life is a journey and to get through it we must find kindness and forgiveness. Forgive yourself your faults. You are not perfect, you’re human and have potential. That potential is first realised when you let up on being self-critical, and channel that negative energy into being appreciative of what you can do, and what you are good at.  Your colleagues are also remotely based – take time to show your concern for them too, when you can.

Create the Right Environment

I was blessed on day 1. I was given an environment that I love working in. I look forward to sitting at my desk and working here. I’ve seen people, 3 months in, who are finally investing in their home office so they have comfier chairs, better desks, better IT. If you are struggling to stay positive when at home it may well be because you don’t, yet, have the right set-up. For some people that’s easier than for others, of course, but small steps make a big difference. What 1 change could you make to improve your working environment? Then another, and another. Now is our chance to get this right for the future so we remain positive working from home.


Life for 8 billion people, right now, is pretty bad, by so many measures. Comparatively, most of us have much to be thankful for, compared to so many others. That perspective is easily lost in the shadow of a global pandemic, a massive economic slowdown, millions of deaths and job losses, tensions and conflicts – it’s a shower of negativity that I hope we never have to face again. So, try and be grateful for what you do have. Family. Friends. Home. Technology that allows easy communication. If you’re newly out of work, that’s tough. It’s also an opportunity. The future World, currently going through such change, also gives us the chance, if we get it right, to look back at this period and be grateful we lived through it, and contributed to a change for the better. That’s hard to consider now, but if our minds will remain open, it’s possible.

I’ll finish by saying that I want my contacts to know that right now, I really value their friendship and if I can help them in any way, I hope they know I’m ready to help.