Things that People Miss

By Bob Morrell on August 12, 2021

We are all creatures of habit. If we spend our days on the telephone or meeting with different people about the same subject (selling the same things) then those habits become hugely ingrained.

On a recent role play clinic with a new client, we touched upon two habits that, when changed, can make a huge difference.

Firstly, the order in which we do things. Why do we insist on taking people through a security process before we have established their reason for calling? Some people cannot think about changing this simple ordering - and yet it makes total, logical sense. Put yourself in the customers shoes - what’s their preference?

Secondly, when asking questions of my customer, why do I ask one or two dull questions and then move on? What stops me going deeper? Let’s say I am selling a car. I can ask ‘what type of car are you looking for? And they will say ‘an estate.’ So, we then show the customer our estate cars. We don’t go one or two levels deeper - ‘What are you transporting?’ ‘How often?’ ‘What estates have you had in the past?’ ‘Which features of your previous estate must you have on the new one?’ ‘How would an even bigger boot help you?’

Deeper questions help us make a much more specific recommendation. So, the general note is ‘go one or two levels deeper’ - there opportunity lies.

Experienced team leaders and sales managers can often miss these habits too or believe that a system or process is unchangeable. That’s the challenge - if it’s a habit that doesn’t help, then it must change.