There are Always Two Outcomes

By Jeremy Blake on October 22, 2020

We recently completed our first set of Open programmes in sales and frontline management. A great insight that came from the mix of different businesses on the sales course was the fact many salespeople forget to sell to the two outcomes.

For example, we had a beer company. The two outcomes are the customer gets to drink an IPA that has a full percentage point lower alcohol content, and the publican gets many customers having two pints instead of one.

A tech company that improved the work from anywhere capability of many businesses including recruitment firms, is able to set up tech that enables people to connect from anywhere and at the same time reduces the cost per enquiry for their clients.

“You get this, and your customer gets this…”

You discover the outcomes clients desire from your skill in asking compelling questions.

You discover the outcomes clients provide to customers from asking compelling questions also.

Don’t forget to mention both outcomes when selling. It will lead you to the outcome you want too.