Our sales and management training services have contributed to the success of many companies in different industries. You can find here the businesses that have placed their trust in our training and have come out with better customer service, efficient training processes, and many other clear advantages.

"The record results achieved at Holidaysplease since our Team Leaders embarked on their Leadership Programme with Reality Training clearly indicate what a great decision investing in the training was! For our Leaders the programme was both challenging and thought provoking as they developed and then implemented new learnings and skills. They also had a good deal of fun along the way! The level of ongoing support our leaders received from start to finish has been outstanding and the library of resource they now have at their disposal on a daily basis is proving to be invaluable.

All in all a rip roaring success!"

Richard Dixon - Director, Holidays Please

“We’ve worked with Bob & Jeremy at Reality on several projects over the years but this one was by far the biggest investment for us and we are delighted with the early signs that indicate some very real increases in sales, margin and productivity for our Personal Travel Agents.  The course fits with our homeworkers individual circumstances perfectly enabling them to choose either the face to face or the online option.  Aside of the financial results, the feedback and anecdotal tales of how our agents are using their new found techniques and confidence are really encouraging.  As always, Reality Training have been great to work with and have made the development and launch of the training fun and engaging for everyone concerned and we will definitely be working with them to further embed and refresh the principles from the training”

Sheena Whittle, Head of Personal Travel Agents

'Reality Training have helped our EMEA Channel team to transform into an SMB sales organization and revitalized our approach to engage with SMBs. In the first quarter of working with us, they helped us to achieve challenging targets and made a difference of missing targets big time before the training to overachieving all set goals thereafter. They have spent quite some time to understand our business model and the opportunities for growth. I would recommend any Business Leader that faces this or a similar challenge to transform the team to contact Reality Training.’

Hardy Koehler, Head of EMEA Channel Sales, Adobe

'This year, I and my sales team had the pleasure of engaging Reality to train phone sales teams in three locations across the US and even one in India.  To a person, they embraced our business and our objectives and created an experience that often felt like it was just for us.  This wasn’t just any old training class.   Every single agent, coach, supervisor, QA specialist, manager who went through the sessions felt like they’d been to an event.  Many thanked me personally for allowing them the opportunity to attend, some were moved to tears, all were impressed and motivated.  Bob, Jeremy and their associates make this training like none other – absolutely engaging, entertaining, moving, and powerful.  Bob and Jeremy sincerely care that the process works and their follow-up, engagement, accessibility post-training proves they aren’t some fly-by-night training shysters but are invested in our success.  Since the training we have fully embraced the principles and have now changed our entire quality assessment philosophy and metrics to align with the Reality sales principles.  It is our way forward.'

Karen Samuelson, Director Off-line Sales, Travelocity

'Being a Training & Development manager I receive many regular sales calls offering me a variety of training solutions.  So when I received a call from Reality training it had a very different approach and captured my attention.  Without obligation, I was invited to see them in action at a local venue.  Although we had no initial requirements – their approach and style was incredibly engaging and gave me real food for thought as to what they could bring to our business, especially in these challenging times.

It’s refreshing to deal with personable trainers from start to finish rather than a pushy frontline sales team who then deploy a trainer.  The training was pitched at the perfect level for our audience, our training team were invited to observe to help embed the whole process and the trainers adapted the course as they progressed.  A fabulous selection of examples were demonstrated to help staff relate to the course content and test them for themselves.

The results so far are very encouraging and the staff all fully engaged in trying the new techniques and sharing their findings.  The whole process has been a real pleasurable experience and I would thoroughly recommend Reality training to assist any forward thinking organisation, whether they have staff with years of experience, who are set in their ways to those new to the business who are totally mouldable.  These guys cover the spectrum with spectacularly.  Sincere thanks for all your support, suggestions, enthusiasm and boundless passion.'

Dawn Butcher, Head of Training & Development, Kuoni

'The feedback and the quality of work we have seen since the training has been fantastic.'

Clair Boon, Thomson

'I would not hesitate to use your skills again or recommend you to other areas of the business.'

Karen Firth, Head of Call Centres The AA

'Jeremy and Bob were the joint leaders of a key training project we utilized across our global offices to try and develop a common culture. What we saw both in development and briefing but also in delivery was excellent and the response has been positive. Aside from being an excellent presenter and trainer, I was particularly impressed with how he and his team were able to tailor content, adapt to change and also feedback and relate results to us as the company. It was an overall positive experience and one I am sure we will repeat.'

Simon Foster CEO UBM Live

'We have worked with Reality Training to motivate, develop and inspire our managers to achieve great sales results during our crucial late sales period. “Job Done” as during the months of May and June our results have exceeded target. The selling through service workshops Reality Training ran at 16 cities across the UK, really helped our managers re-look at how they, and their staff speak to customers, and the power of words! It is great to be in shops hearing staff really understanding customer’s needs through great questions. This enables us to take our service to the next level.'

Michael Greenway TUI Head of Training

'Bob & Jeremy have brought a refreshingly energetic approach to engaging and training our shop floor colleagues to provide the very best selling experience for our customers.  Grounded in proven and pragmatic techniques, they have helped our people take those techniques and make them their own. Colleagues translate those techniques into a language that personally resonates with them and consequently, gives each individual the confidence to use the techniques every time they talk with their customers and as a result, convert those conversations into sales.'

Phil O’Connor, Head of Learning & Development, Halfords Ltd

'Sales have been excellent since the conference, this is due to the members putting into practice the ideas they picked up!!'

Freedom Travel

'Thank you very much for the time you spent with us on presentation skills.  It was a great opportunity to look at the way we do investor presentations differently, and your fresh approach and insights were extremely valuable.

We all enjoyed it, learnt a lot and I’m sure that as a result we will raise more money when we are next out marketing!'

Vaness Bolger, Marwyn Investment Management LLP

'I’ve been to loads of training events over the years and to be frank at most I’ve felt a little jaded as they trot out tired old ideas.

I’d been pre-warned your’s was gonna be better than that, I was soaking it up the whole day and it made so much sense. There were bits I was doing already that fitted the overall idea so it helped me make sense of what I was doing right, and what I was doing wrong.

I’m refreshed and making more money, so thanks'

Future Travel

'The Reality Training team executed a highly professional and entertaining sales conference for our business. Not only did they hit the spot in terms of content but they also managed to engage delegates for the duration of the day – not always an easy task! They were a pleasure to work with and very flexible in their approach to the event and supporting dealers after the event.'

Sian Haskell, Integra Office Solutions

'Reality Training has been the most effective sales training program that I have experienced throughout my last 7 years in sales. They do not just focus on theory, but rather real-life applications that are beneficial to my everyday career. They are adaptable during their training to let positive sessions continue, and to expand upon items of particular interest to the participants. Their enthusiasm and energy shine through and really keep the audience focused and enthralled in the subject matter. Whether a session is on a new topic (ie. Digital sales) or refreshing on sales basics, I always know that it will be time well spent and that it will help me to grow and develop my skills.'

'Working with Bob and Jeremy at Reality Training all started with a full selling programme for our Bikehut Sales Managers. Given the fantastic feedback form this session and the gradual upturn in sales we rolled the same session out to the rest of our stores management teams. After the stores had all completed the 5 principles of selling workshop and accompanying DVD that Bob and Jeremy created to our specification we decide to launch an exciting new range of kids bike in time for Christmas. We drafted in Reality training again to design and work with our product team on creating a launch pack for the stores to use to help them achieve one of our strongest performing years in cycles over the Christmas period on Kids bikes. Our Christmas results were great during this tough year with cycles bucking the trend and I like to think that all of the hard work done by Bob and Jeremy helped us all achieve this.'

Jamie Mitchell, Halfords Ltd

'Hired Jeremy alongside his business partner Bob Morrell to provide an engaging sales training programme and present this at a series of retail roadshows. From initial brief through scoping concept, planning, and ultimiately exectution I was very impressed with their understanding of the training requirements, appreciation of our business challenges, and how best to translate this into a language that would engage our retail agents. Very personable, generous, and fun approach made it great to work with Jeremy and Bob, and I wouldn’t hesitate in personally recommending Reality Training, and working with them again.'

Jeremy Osbourne, Director of Property and Financial Services at TUI UK

'With colleagues, Jeremy runs an excellent sales training company, with a superb list of 5 star national and international client companies, but it was the first time that he had lectured in a university at undergraduate level.

Jeremy’s approach to the work was professional, with great concern to ensure that he “did his homework” by researching the topics to be covered at honours degree level and preparing well for the sessions.

Jeremy presented an excellent set of lectures and workshops to a demanding group of Business Enterprise students and the students’ results were very good. Jeremy also enjoyed his first foray into higher education and said that it would help him in his future work with business clients. Jeremy will certainly be invited back to the University of Buckingham to teach next year’s cohort of Business Enterprise students.'

Nigel Adams, Programme Director BSc Business Enterprise, University of Buckingham on Jeremy’s work as Visiting Lecturer.

'Our market was changing and we needed to lead that change not follow it. So when UBM brought in Jeremy & Bob Morrell to conduct a three day training course on the importance of presenting digital propositions in combination with all our other established traditional products, I jumped at the opportunity to attend. I really enjoyed this course and not only because of the element of fun but more for their creative and intelligent approach in how we could deliver a complete solution to our customers. Since the course there have been many changes within UBM and I became responsible for an area that spent the majority of its marketing budget on traditional products and not digital – a huge challenge lay ahead to convert! By putting everything into practise that I learnt on this course and following their helpful emails I have now increased the digital sales in this territory by 99% yoy. Would I recommend Reality Training – I think the figures’ speak for themselves!.'

Built Environment, UBM

'Marketing is essentially a way of selling and the techniques go hand-in-hand. I have never had any formal training in sales before but since the time spent in the Reality Training sessions, I have been able to apply brand new techniques to my every day marketing activities and even give a go at my own selling. You cannot put a price tag on the benefits their training offers and they made a world of difference in how I market. I think these types of sessions should be available to everyone at here because they offer such valuable information that I feel every employee should have the opportunity to learn from Bob and Jeremy. Their energy is contagious and I spent three days attentively listening to their every word…something I have never been able to do even in the most interesting conferences. They are one of a kind and experts in their field.'

Marybeth Petescia, New Media Marketing Specialist UBM Live Princeton

'I wanted to say a super huge thank-you to you both for a wonderful sales training experience! It was the best and most engaging Sales Training experience I have ever had.Not only are you both informative and smart, but the whole training process is very engaging and extremely fun. I am about to begin reading “The Death of Late Space”, and will let you know once I finish.'

Mary Palmieri

'In the past seven years, I have consistently been one of the top sales people within Future Travel.  For reasons unbeknown to me, maybe it was my age or just the tough economical times we find ourselves in, just prior to meeting Bob & Jeremy, my confidence had taken a severe downturn which was affecting both my business and my personal life.  The extent of this was a severe lack of self esteem and confidence that had such an impact on me, I even considered apply for a job in a local supermarket, more so to run away from the problems I was suffering, rather than face them head on.

After listening to Bob & Jeremy’s presentations at our Top Sellers conference in October this year, and subsequent “one to one” time with Jeremy over the course of the next few days, I started to see things in a more focused light and decided to take their advice on board and try to turn things around back to the “high” I had always taken for granted over the years.

And it has worked!  My confidence is back, business is booming, and most of all, I am happy!'

Bob & Jeremy are not only inspirational, easy to listen and talk to, and of course, very funny,  the tips and facts that they share with us really do work!  Without these guys, I most certainly would have been scanning barcodes by now, which would have be a tremendous waste and a terrible shame, as I have now been restored to the brilliant travel agent I always was, but just happened to loose her for a short while.

Top marks and a huge thank you.  You guys really have made a difference.'

Co-Operative Personal Travel Advisor

'Thought you’d like to know that I closed an online deal of £10k for Channel 4 last week for musicweek.com – I used the presentation that I formulated with you guys and presented this to them – pitched £200k for the year which, as we thought, was ever so slightly out of their budget! However – they have never spent money on musicweek.com so to get £10k out of them is a bit of a coup.'

Music Week

'Reality training undertook a two day course for my senior sales people in February this year. The key objective was to develop their skills in presenting the benefits of tenancy display advertising on Newbury today and associated sites to local clients and closing the sale. Despite difficult trading conditions our on-line revenue year on year, as at the end of September, has increased by 21%.'

Newbury Today and Newbury Weekly News

'A stimulating session, you really got the troops thinking more deeply about their sales role and how they can get more out of it.'


'You’ll be pleased to hear that everyone thought it was a good session with some thought provoking ideas to put into practice for their next sales pitch. You lifted everyone’s spirit with your witty and entertaining jokes and comments.'
Macmillan Publishers

'The session was very useful. I realized from speaking to others on the course that the largest block on web selling is lack of confidence and what I have taken away is the need to familiarize staff with the web, encourage them to use it, become a friend with it and then employ your great presentation style to sell it.'

Archant Regional

‘A 1% increase in sales conversions pays for Reality’s training tenfold – we got 10%’

Sales and Marketing Director Yorktest

'Thank You! It was a fun two days and well worth dragging myself away from my computer screen for. I made a booking last night, no discount!! So it is working already.'

'I think the training went really well and send you my sincere thanks for delivering a wonderful two day programme. The reception I have had from the guys about the training has been amazing, everyone is buzzing. the notes you have developed are great too.'

Director, Holidays Please

'Bob and Jeremy came to UBM to offer ‘digital sales training’, which I have to say was the most effective and valuable training I received in the entire time at the company. they approach training with an extremely positive attitude, and form a double act with some memorable comedy moments in amongst the serious stuff figuring out how to create, position, and most importantly sell digital campaigns. Without their input I would have struggled to make sense of all the different moving pieces in digital media sphere – as they are also fully immersed in the emerging social media space as well. Check out their You Tube videos to get a sense of the vibrant personality they bring to the world of training, which we all know can be stodgy and boring at times. they stand head and shoulders above their competitors – truly worth bringing into your organisation to see where you are leaving money on the table if you’re not integrating digital with your offlline proposition. Thanks gentlemen.'

Endaf Kerfoot, Sales Manager, Internet World UBM

'The superb Return on Investment Training from Jeremy and Bob helped me to turn a potential £700 advert into a multi-platform £3,500 mini campaign. This from a small micro-brewery who have previously only spent £300 at a time.'

The Publican

'A fresh approach to motivating people with difficult areas of our work and selling in a much more powerful way. Managers are now full of ideas and have ways to approach so many situations. The fact you were once an actor made you able to explain and demonstrate things so clearly – when asked questions by our owner and our newest member of staff.'

Head Manager, The London Elizabeth Hotel

'We have been working with Reality Training for some time and measuring the impact they have on our sales. After the most recent programme I debriefed each of my team and collected concrete examples of how they had used the principles they learnt in training combined with their improved conversational skills to win new business and grow sales from our existing clients. It is because the marketing and business principles we learn we pass on to our clients which enables them to achieve more sales too, everyone wins'

Aceville Publications

'I just wanted to say a big thank you to Bob and Jeremy from Reality Training. Using the proposal I wrote for our Digital Sales course, I approached, pitched and closed an extra £5K of onsite and digital sponsorship from an existing client. In addition, at the event, the client went on to thank me for the time and ideas I’d put forward, re-booked a bigger stand for the 2009 show and renewed their sponsorship package too!'

Sales Manager, UBM Live

'Over the years I have attended many training courses and I can honestly say that none of them have been as challenging or as stimulating as Reality’s. So thank you for your excellent training that has not only helped to extend and develop my skills but has also given me the confidence and knowledge required when selling digital and I very much look forward to attending your next course.'


'Just thought I would let you know that Abi and Janna went on their first client call yesterday accompanied by George, our Editor. The feedback from George was that they are very professional – picked up very fast on exactly what to pitch the client (by having asked questions to start and let the client do the talking) and smart enough to shut up when discussions reached a technical level and left that bit to George. He said they knew what they were talking about – worked well as a pair – and thinks that with a little more practice they will be a dream team! They came away from both meetings with business, and have another meeting booked for Monday. They both loved going out and meeting the clients. This is in NO SMALL PART down to your excellent training – so thanks'

Charlie Bisnar, Operations Director Prestige Media

'Coaching sessions with Jeremy were a blend of fun, thoughtfulness and challenge. Jeremy has a personality and coaching style that makes you feel at ease, whilst trusting in his ability to enabling you to understand yourself better. It was a pleasure to work with him and I would certainly continue to do so in the future.'

Jack Tomes, Head of Wish Alumni, make a Wish Foundation

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