The Ten ‘Questions’ to end this Year and set up the Perfect Next One

By Jeremy Blake on December 14, 2021

Reflection. You look in the mirror and what do you see? Are you looking through rose-tinted glasses? Or is the light too harsh and you are seeing imperfections that don’t exist to anybody else?

Reflection plays a growing role in the work that you do, as the last 24 months have seen more changes and upheaval than in perhaps your last decade of working.

With more people taking brave choices over the direction of their lives, it seems to take a pandemic for many to truly reflect on what they do and what they really want to do.

So, as you read this post at the end of 2021, I thought I would help you, whatever position you find yourself in - whether you’re employed or running your own business.

Answer the questions impulsively then I recommend you sleep on them and go back and see if the answers need changing, then with further reflection, take your answers and go into a workshop with yourself or with your team.

You can be creative and make some strong decisions to learn from this year and make the next one even better.

1. Products and services - what is the single best aspect of your number one product or service that you must recognise and capitalise on?

2. Products and services - what is the single biggest gap, flaw or missing in a product or service that you really must overhaul and dramatically improve right now, or your business will be affected?

3. Existing clients - what are you doing well with your existing clients that you must do more of to help them?

4. Existing clients - what are you not delivering on for your clients that you simply must improve, or you could damage relationships and therefore your business and theirs?

5. Sales and marketing - what is the single most effective sales and marketing method or strategy that is working well, that you can grow still further?

6. Sales and marketing - what is the single least effective marketing or sales method you are trying to use that needs an overhaul as it is simply not working and contributing to your results?

7. People -people who are in my team people/ who I employ - what do you need to give your people to make them better - what is the single biggest thing they are missing?

8. Family - what is it about your work that has had a really good impact on your family, and how can you learn from this and capitalise on it?

9. Friendships - what is it about your work that you can do to ensure you maintain friendships with the people you really want to, what do you need to change?

10. This is your question to yourself having answered the other nine. Go on what do you need to ask yourself?

I’d love to hear from you on any questions that provided the significant breakthrough you needed.

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