Team Leader Training and Management Course

Reality Training is excited to launch our new programme for Team Leaders.

Team Leader Essential Upskilling Programme

Reality Training offers a 10 module course for Team Leaders, aimed at developing their skills to take them from an able administrator to performance leader over a few months.


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How good are your Team Leadership Skills?

The majority of Team Leaders are promoted and expected to perform their new duties with little or no development. Some are expected to do their previous jobs, whilst leading too. Businesses who are committed to creating improved performance, and achieve high levels of customer feedback, understand that this role is crucial to success. If you think your team Leaders may be under-skilled then this team leader courses will give them a huge amount of essential skills, that will define their roles far more clearly.

Key Team Leading Skills.

Team Leaders and their abilities to motivate their people are critical. The best Team Leaders can organise their time in a way that prioritises the performance of their team, so they can coach, run motivational meetings and also engage in developing their people. This programme has the core skills necessary to make them more effective and valuable.

Why this Team Leader course?

Team Leader Programme

Reality Training has over 20 years’ experience working with team leaders and understand the challenges in terms of development time (time off the floor) and also that training content needs to be adapted to make it relevant.

This is why we’ve designed the course as a series of modules that are entirely practical, rather than theoretical and deliver essential skills that your Team Leaders can use, immediately. Our work with brands such as Sky, Adobe and The AA demonstrates our ability to adapt our material for different types of market, and different types of manager.

Team leader course videos.

What are the characteristics of Bad Managers?
This short video explains some of the things to look out for!

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How to run sales meetings? 

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Which subjects are included in The Essential Upskilling Programme?

Reality Training has developed 10 half and full-day modules delivered face to face or remotely.

These modules include;

  • Remote Management and Meetings,
  • Prioritisation and Time Management,
  • Goal Setting,
  • Presentation Skills,
  • Difficult Conversations,
  • Disloyal Bonding,
  • Performance Coaching,
  • Long Term Sales Plans,
  • Running Sales Meetings
  • Persuasion and Influence

These training sessions are also backed up with webinars, podcasts, eBooks and short training films to help Managers embed the learning.

How this Team Leaders Course is delivered:

A series of either half-day or full-day sessions (dependent on numbers) using two trainers. We apply practical techniques to these subjects and challenge each manager to create new, useable language, and practice, to increase confidence. This programme has been delivered remotely and face to face.

For an example of some of our content try this short film on how to run remote meetings:

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Team Leader Essential Upskilling Programme FAQ

Why are many of my Leaders and Managers ineffective?

Many Team Leaders have been promoted because they have a) hung around for long enough and b) shown some leadership potential. A few have clearly shown they are talented and have been quickly promoted. In any of these cases the training for the newly promoted manager has been minimal. They may be told, practically what to do, but will have had very little investment in their own skills, to become more efficient people-managers. So that means that some will be administrators, with little leadership input, and some will be using received behaviour from poor managers to use the carrot or stick to get results, and some will have had good managers whom they will be emulating. Consistency will be the missing dynamic and this programme delivers this across your management population in a short space of time, giving them what they need, to deliver the results you are looking for.

What’s the difference between managing a team in the office and managing them online?

Some people love working from home, are highly organised, and don’t let their location affect their performance in any way. Others really struggle to perform from home and need constant help and attention to motivate them. Managers must be aware of the different ways they can manage a remote team, the key areas to look out for, and how to use technology to keep them close to their team members. Additionally, running remote meetings is an essential new skill that all managers need to harness. The Reality programme gives them a series of tips and structures to use that will keep their teams focused, and also feel more included. 

How do I know that training my Team Leaders will improve the teams’ performance?

Employees look to their managers for permission, inspiration, encouragement, and motivation. The team’s ability to perform is limited by the Team Leaders ability to manage and lead. When you invest in the Team Leader this feeds through to the team and their ability increases as their managers do. Also, Team Leaders are competitive, and when you train them they immediately compete with each other to show who can apply their learning to the business in the most effective way, which will encourage better results.

What other benefits are there to training, besides increased performance?

Many Team leaders do not feel empowered to make decisions and often defer to more Senior Managers. This can become habitual and time-consuming, as this uses up their valuable time on questions that really, an able team leader should be managing. This autonomy comes from increased confidence that training gives them – which in turn will free up time to make your Senior Managers better at what they do.

How can I stop my Team Leader’s resigning?

Your Team Leaders are far more likely to resign if you don’t develop them. With high-quality training, they will feel invested in and be better able to see how their increased capability makes them more effective. Training and Development increase loyalty. So this investment could lower your annual recruitment costs.

How long will my team leader training take?

This programme is ideally delivered over 3-4 months, with the time between each module to embed. Some clients have used this programme for over 12 months and combined it with site visits, coaching and support material such as webinars and podcasts.

Will I be fully qualified as a team leader after this course?

Qualification as a Team Leader is a personal thing. Some people are natural leaders from day 1 and inspire loyalty and commitment from their people. When taking part in this programme you will be with like-minded people who all want to be better at what they do, and are looking for ideas, inspiration, tips and useable techniques that make sense. When you embed this learning with support material and also engage in regular coaching from your senior managers, you create a culture that recognises the efficiencies of a superb team leader and also earmarks them for future promotion.

Are there any other types of team leader courses you deliver?

Reality Training also offers an Open Course for Team Leaders called Frontline Management Parts 1 and 2. This focuses on specific areas and uses 2 hours per week for 5 weeks – and is supported by podcasts and short films. We also run a collaboration workshop called DRIVES and a Transformation to Leadership Programme for slightly more senior managers which is coaching led.

What ongoing team leader support do you provide?

Many clients engage Reality’s Executive Coaches to work one to one with their managers, and when we work with clients we offer site visits (now virtual) to support team leaders with learning sessions, individuals and also to help the business adapt to changing market circumstances.

Can this team leader course be delivered individually or as a group?

This programme is best delivered as a group and utilises break-out rooms for pair and group work.

How suitable is this training for international teams?

Reality Training has worked with brands across Europe, Nordics, the US and Asia. There will be cultural differences, of course, to different areas of training, but the principles will remain the same. Consideration will need to be made of logistics and timings of delivery for certain locations.

How can I be certain of a return on my investment from developing my Team Leaders?

Let’s imagine you pay £1000 to develop a single team leader, and they manage 10 people who sell products for £500 each. If this focus on the team leader results in them creating a motivational sales plan that exceeds target, you will easily return your £1000.

If this programme gives the team leader more confidence to coach an underperformer who now makes 2 extra sales per week, then your investment is easily returned.

If you have a top-performing manager who is thinking of changing their job, then this programme may keep them for another six months to a year, saving lots of time and thousands of pounds to recruit (or promote) and train. There are so many measures you can use, but perhaps the most persuasive is what you risk, purely by not developing your team leaders.

How do I book my people onto this Team Leader programme?

Please click the link below to arrange an initial meeting. We will then talk to you about how we can engage in some pre-work, co-build sessions and surveys before working directly with your team leaders.

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Team Leader Programme Testimonials

"The record results achieved at Holidaysplease since our Team Leaders embarked on their Leadership Programme with Reality Training clearly indicate what a great decision investing in the training was! For our Leaders the programme was both challenging and thought provoking as they developed and then implemented new learnings and skills. They also had a good deal of fun along the way! The level of ongoing support our leaders received from start to finish has been outstanding and the library of resource they now have at their disposal on a daily basis is proving to be invaluable.

All in all a rip roaring success!"
Richard Dixon - Director, Holidays Please

Through our work with many national and international organisations, we see this role as the most crucial one to ensure a consistent level of sales and service is achieved.

From our experience on projects and partnerships with our clients lasting between two and eight years, we have devised this experiential team leader programme in a modular approach to make your managers as inspirational and effective as they can be.

They do this by empowering their people and as Jeremy Blake, Reality Training's, Training and Sales Director, says “they replace the wrong habit of watching the score board with the new habit of playing the game.”

To watch our latest webinar ‘Team Leaders’ simply click here.


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