The Sun Goes Up and I Feel My Love Coming Up Again

By Jeremy Blake on April 26, 2018

A recent Saturday in shorts was a first for many of us here in the UK and after six hours of gardening my face had truly caught the sun.

As I walked my dog around some local woods there was spring in my step, the air and in my heart. It was as if the sun had changed my mood. Of course it hadn’t I had, but the sun had surely helped and been the mood changer.

Many people decide to let mother nature affect their feelings, the Brits are world class experts at talking about the weather and it isn’t because we are all boring; it is our conversation ice breaker, our routine in finding common ground. The fact the weather repeats it habits allows us to share our tracking of the weather patterns, and share our memory banks searching for the gaps in the rain, and the breaks in the clouds.

As my dog stopped to look at me I took this photo. He is smiling so a dog behaviourist has told me, he is at a crossroads, a turning point. Is he aware of that fact? No! No such mental constraints are placed upon my hound.

Rather than letting the weather allow your mood to be changed it is worth remembering that the temperature has no real control over how you feel. The grey clouds may appear to darken your mood and the rain dampen your spirit, but that’s you doing that, your brain allowing the external to control the internal.

In this modern age we can buy all manner of clothing to allow us to be outdoors and many are fortunate enough to be able to buy copious warm cups of coffee or walk into pubs and enjoy the open fires - these are still only objects and experiences that I can choose to change my mood.

If the weather needs no switch to turn your mood dial to happier, then perhaps you need to find other switches to on, be they the company of friends, a good book, a game, or of course exercise, the natural and healthy way to release happier and fun chemicals into your head.

Don’t wait for the weather vane to turn. It is your resourcefulness, above and beyond your resources that will change the way you feel, think and act.