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For senior and experienced salespeople selling to and influencing the chiefs.

Selling to the C-Suite – How to Sell to Senior Executives

‘This C-Suite Training is excellent. I can start using these ideas tomorrow. ‘ – Eric McCashey, Head of Distribution, Adobe EMEA

There is a perception that once someone gets to the C-Suite, Chief Executive, or Managing Director and other board level positions, then they somehow become untouchable. You can’t get to them. An invisible wall of people act as ‘filters’ to decide who gets to the individual.

So, we don’t bother. ‘I used to know him well, and then he got promoted… can’t get near him now.’ It’s a perception of course, we simply stop trying.


Our programme for selling to the C-Suite considers 3 main elements of this process.

Getting the Meeting. Positive and fun techniques to reach and generate enthusiasm for a meeting.

Preparing for the Meeting. Deciding what are the key objectives, the relevant information, surprises, and tactics to develop rapport and generate opportunities.

and then…

The Meeting. Virtual or Face to Face. The correct agendas, the role of the C-Suite individual and your outcomes.

‘Very worthwhile to get ideas on how to have quality engagement.’ Bonami Meredith, Education, Adobe EMEA

Selling to the C-Suite makes sure you maximise your opportunity to generate business from ‘made’ individuals.

This module challenges your sales team. They will naturally be selling to customers at the same level as themselves, and maybe one or two levels up. That may work well for years. It discounts the possibility of generating a better business relationship by dealing with people at a strategic level.

A CEO, CFO, CMO, CIO, Managing Director, Finance Director, Marketing Director, HR Director, IT Director etc – should all operate at a strategic level planning long term for business growth. The fact is that they pay people to filter information, do deals, create business and deliver business. They may not know enough about your offering, your strategy, your various plans that could and probably would dovetail with theirs. The truth is you need each other, it just comes down to deciding how much and for how often.

These individuals are, after all, human. A ‘made’ person, (to use the mafia expression!), is shown the books, they no longer ‘operate’, they simply help to plan to do better, and implement those plans, or supervise the implementation, or hear about the implementation. They can do nothing without current knowledge, thinking, opportunity, and a way to calculate risk. That’s where you come in.

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‘Really enjoyed the C-Suite Training especially as this is a specific goal of mine – very effective.’ Jo Rhodes, Partner Account Manager, Adobe EMEA.

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