Self Management in a Working from Anywhere World

By Jeremy Blake on October 16, 2020

We have just wrapped (and it does feel like a film set at times), our two new open programmes.

Because we use Zoom and films and podcasts, I feel I should be saying “Roll Sound, Roll Film,” and “CUT!”

And after 5 weeks of Bob and I delivering these programmes we have learned a good deal as well and trained a tonne too!

Now we are both enjoying producing a series of insights that have come from this work, and rather than keeping them all to ourselves we are sharing them with you.

Self-Management is fully in our lives now and for some people the discipline to set your own times, habits and routines is a real challenge.

It is a challenge for many managers too, to change to managing teams remotely.

Here’s a list of Ten Top tips to help improve your ability to manage yourself. And, if you are a manager of a team, you can use these to help your team members.

  1. Natural Light – Go Outside. As George Michael says, “Let’s go outside”. Fling open a window and stick your head out even. Nature nurtures the soul, and frees you from the four walls of the physical or virtual room you’re spending so much time in.
  2. Routine – Morning and evening. Yes, you need one. Humans need routines and if every day is different then, every day you have will feel different. Inconsistency breeds inconsistency and consistency breeds… get the idea!
  3. Dress – Get dressed for work. Untidy clothes, untidy mind, or words to that effect. An ironed shirt might iron out more than you know.
  4. Boundaries – Work/Leisure. If you have limited space, then you need to draw boundaries. Interruptions are the enemy of productivity. Clear the table then reset it as your kitchen table when the working day is done.
  5. Snacks and Drinks – I am a fan of delayed gratification. Earn the snack, get a job done and reward yourself with a healthy snack.
  6. Multi-tasking – it doesn’t work for many people. As a trainer I can see your what your eyes are doing as I’m training you. Be present and mindful.
  7. Use your commute time to exercise – just staying in bed longer may not be the best use of time. Get your heart rate up and pump the blood around your body.
  8. Or use your commute time to prep your meals for the day – here’s a great hack to take time to make more nourishing food.
  9. Move location every time you have any kind of break. – No breaks at your desk. Change it up. Get outside whenever you can – see tip 1!
  10. Plan your day out, breaks, eat, leisure – some days you may have other planned in commitments so make a plan that works and gets stuff done. Plan the week or the day with The Success 6
    What is the Success 6, in brief 2 activities – break, 2 more, lunch, 2 more then, end of the day. Only 6 grouped and prioritised tasks a day.

    Want to receive a copy of the Success 6 to print out and keep to help create daily discipline? Email “Success 6” to