Self-Management Secrets – How to spend your extra time…

By Jeremy Blake on December 18, 2020

On our open courses in management we discuss the secrets to self-management and what individuals need to do to thrive when working from home.

Our research has thrown up all sorts of things that are good to do, from what you wear, to how to take your breaks and handle interruptions.

Perhaps the most valuable as voted by people on the programmes is using the previous commute time, now free time, wisely.

One delegate has gained 12 hours almost to the minute.  How do they spend it?  They run three times a week and two times a week they make a slow cook dinner that they prepare in the mornings.

Another delegate reads for 45 minutes after breakfast on Monday and Friday and listens to three different podcast episodes in the middle of the week.

Now we are in lockdown, make a resolution to do something other than make up for late nights by staying in bed longer!