Self-Isolation or Self-Immersion?

By Jeremy Blake on March 17, 2020

If circumstances lead you to self-isolate, I suggest you change the way you think about it.

Would you rather be in a state of self-isolation or a state or self-immersion?

Isolation means alone and can lead to anxiety or fear.

Immersion means getting your teeth and certainly your brain into something.

In a busy work environment learn while you earn is popular, slow release, modular formats, which don’t require too much time away from your work schedule.

At home you have more time and less work distractions, though more temptation to be distracted for sure.

Immersion is certainly one of the favoured ways to learn something new.

You aren’t going to learn to paint by looking at a lot of art and going to galleries; you are going to have to get paper, canvasses, brushes and paint and get your hands dirty.  You will see which colours work best and get more adept at mixing your oils or acrylics over time. You’ll known which subjects interest you most and may move from still life, to figurative, to abstract. You can say anything is abstract at the start when no one knows what it is!

Here’s just ten things you can immerse yourself in during your period of self-Immersion.

  1. Learn a language. In my case get some Spanish under my belt, as my three children have all chosen it for GCSE.
  2. Learn to cook better, tastier food that makes you and others feel good.
  3. Read the classic novels you always wanted to or the contemporary writers you’ve yet to make time for.
  4. Read those business books you’ve bought and never opened, there’s at least three you want the knowledge from.
  5. Listen to podcasts and interviews with great minds, funny minds and minds that specialise in topics you want to know more about.
  6. Listen to ten classic or new albums back to back.
  7. Watch trilogies of films, foreign films and classics you haven’t got around to.
  8. Watch great drama, documentaries, sport and more on the telly.
  9. Write letters and emails and texts to friends and people you want to reconnect to and get to know better.
  10. Write the next chapter of you, when you return from your immersion. You are what you focus on.
  11. (Bonus) Coaching – whether for you professionally or personally. Sometimes we need people to listen us, ask us questions we can’t hear, and challenge us to clear away negative thinking and become clearer, and happier.