The Secret to Telesales Follow Up

By Jeremy Blake on September 16, 2016

Whether you are a sales director of multiple contact centres around the globe or you have a national field sales team, your teams will be using the phone to follow up and close proposals. What you are about to read could be happening right now.

The CRM prompts the agent to make the call. The field sales consultant pulls into a layby or sits in their home office. They both imagine the worst outcome, dial the number and then:

They get an answerphone and hang up, they may or may not then update their system.The customer picks up and they say, “Hi its Mike calling from Callbacksaren’tus, we spoke the other day about your renewal of X, I was wondering if you’ve had the chance to discuss it and if ou’d like to go ahead?”

There is a pause and the customer tells the sales or service person that they haven’t had a chance and nudges the next communication till after the weekend.

Their wasn’t belief in a positive outcome and their voice lacked a positive and upbeat tone. The language was habitual and ill considered used and it wasn’t articulated at a  commanding pace with persuasive inflection with the right stress in the right places.

Why bother making the call in the first place?

The question that is killing your sale is “Have you had a chance…?”
This tells each and every customer that you don’t believe they have had a chance and also conveys to them no sense of urgency or belief that they were ever going to buy what you’re selling.

The secret is two-fold.

    Act As IF – they were always going to buy
    Add another forgotten advantage to the product or service they are investing in.

For example.

“Hi, Its Mike from Callbacksareus, I have some good news about the service we discussed last week, it also comes with next day delivery that I didn’t fully explain. Whenever your order is placed it will be with you the very next day meaning you have no break in your use of X and no disruption to your enjoyment of it.
Do you have any more questions before I complete your ordering process/would you like me to finalise your order now?”

This confidence transfers to the customer that you had no doubt that they were always going to buy, you respected their decision making process and were excited to point out an advantage that was highly relevant to them which increased their desire and complete the sale.

Act Now
Your managers and coaches can spend time with your teams restructuring the follow up call and you can role play it and refine the language before you launch your superior system and boost conversion rates, sales and profits.