A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all!

By Ann Harris on September 8, 2020

Remember those far away days when you’d suggest to a friend a day spent shopping, with a nice lunch and a mooch around the shops? Those days feel like a distant memory at the moment. We avoid busy places and the thought of spending an entire day under a face mask and queuing for some reason doesn’t sound like fun to me!

I had to put those feelings to one side when I recently had to brave the dreaded shopping centre to visit the Apple Store. The Apple store on a good day is busy, noisy and bustling with people. I was there for 2 reasons, my youngest daughter had recently saved up her pocket money and purchased some Airpods for herself, and less than 2 months later one had stopped working. Disaster for a 14-year-old girl, so I dutifully made the necessary appointment at the Apple Store to see what could be done. While I was there, I also wanted to see about purchasing a new handset for my 16-year-old who was about to start 6th form.  Two birds, one stone I thought. As I was in the queue outside the shop, the Apple staff were coming to everyone in the queue to get people booked in or move them to the right queue, I mentioned about the dual reason for being here, and was initially told I’d have to make another appointment for the handset purchase as that would be a different person. I replied, not to worry I’d look online instead. Sale lost!

Once inside the shop we were greeted by George, a smiling, helpful and youthful member of staff who addressed questions about the non-working Airpods to the expert i.e. my 14-year-old. He ran a few diagnostic tests and declared the Airpods defunct and a new pair would be provided immediately, no problem at all. I was delighted at this outcome (not to mention how happy my daughter was!) but then I thought I’d chance my arm and ask about the handset. I expected to be told he couldn’t help me and I’d have to make another appointment, but to my delight he said he’d get someone to me in 2 minutes, to get what I needed. I was surprised and said so to George, who declared that it wouldn’t be a very good customer experience if he couldn’t help us, as we were already in the shop.

Sure enough 2 minutes later we were joined by Will, yet another youthful and friendly staff member and took me through the handset options. I chose the one I thought she’d want. Job done! Apple have a reputation for good customer service and I saw that in action that day, an experience that I will remember and share with those I speak to. Hey, I’ve even written this blog and you’ll rarely get me to do that!