Sales Meetings – An Insight

By Bob Morrell on October 6, 2020

Our recent Frontline Managers group threw up a fascinating insight. We focus on the importance of running specific sales meetings – meetings that concentrate solely on sales performance. The difficulty is that many people whose job results in a sale, don’t see themselves as salespeople.

Many were employed as customer service people, delivering a service for you which ultimately delivers a sale.

There was a time when ‘selling’ was considered slightly unsavoury. Perhaps they wouldn’t have applied for the job if it had been advertised as a ‘salesperson’. Yet selling is what they do, all day, every day. Every interaction they have with a customer, a sale is made – either they sell the customer your services, or products, or the customer ‘sells’ them on a reason why they don’t want to buy.

You can’t just tell someone, ‘Oh, by the way, you’re now a salesperson.’ What you can do, though, is run Sales Meetings that are motivational, inspiring, performance focused and add value to what they do.

Fun. Sales Meetings must be entirely positive. This is not an arena for recrimination and negativity. Teams should look forward to them because you’re going to help them, through the meeting, be more successful.

Reviewing Performance. You can spend a lot of time – wasting your energy – reviewing past performance in Sales Meetings. It adds nothing. You cannot change it, if it’s been bad you’ll make it worse, and if it’s been good it’s just a back patting exercise. Summarise where you are quickly – and look forward – that’s where the value is.

Individual Contributions. Everyone should have the chance to say something positive about what’s been working, what they will do more of – or ask for help with something.

Adding Value – as a Manager, the best thing you can do is add value with ideas, skills and first-hand examples that will inspire your team.

Summary – whether your people see themselves as salespeople right now, is actually immaterial. All of us in business have a responsibility to sell, effectively for our companies, so the introduction of sales meetings gets that across and those who don’t like that will just have to accept it and participate.