Sales Management Training

Sales Management, delivered effectively, will create high-performing and motivated sales teams. Conversely, under-developed Sales Managers will deliver sub-optimal results, from de-motivated teams, and risk damaging your business chances.

Sales Management Training

An overview of our Sales Management training 

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What are our Sales Management Training Courses About?

Many Sales Managers are promoted from the ‘ranks’ and left to fend for themselves. Which generally means copying any management practices they experienced from good and bad managers previously. This received behaviour will dictate how effective they are and without development, their success will always be limited. Also, a newly promoted manager will need to behave differently and expect a certain level of service from their team. They will need to consider their own integrity, how empowering they can be to their team members, and how their experience can help their team to grow and achieve.

More experienced Sales Managers will be in the habit of doing things their way, and whilst some of those things will be positive, some will need to change – and here Sales Management Training delivers that development and helps them hone their skills, change what needs to be changed, and positions them as a more strategic partner, who leads their team to perform at the highest possible level.


List of Our Sales Management Training Courses.

Managing People

Leadership as a principle. What type of leader are you, and who can you become? Sales Managers explore their current default and build a plan on how to adapt and grow as they shape the new culture of delivering exceptional customer experience.

The Art of Delegation.

This is a great way to build the sales managers of tomorrow and develop the right aspiring assistant managers or to recognise and develop management talent.

Meeting strategies and Managing Remotely versus Managing on-site.

The best sales managers can create motivational meetings and a culture of the team and individual contributions. To become a transformational manager you must look outside, learn and take inspiration from a variety of sources so you can build on your knowledge in addition to experience.

Coaching and Disloyal Bonding: Targets vs. capabilities.

Managing Individual Performance. Bonding with customers against your brand even in the smallest way tells customers that you have a problem with the brand you represent. It is learned behaviour and comes from a false impression it will bond you to the customer and deliver revenue. This module equips sales managers to move to remove this from your culture.

Selling to the C-Suite

Many Sales Managers need to sell internally, when they present sales plans, ask for new staff, or want to make significant changes. This requires different skills so that anybody who has the ‘power of the pen’ in the C-Suite can be persuaded effectively by several techniques that improve confidence.

DRIVES Collaboration workshop

Discretion, Roles, Integrity, Vision, Environment. Creating a Collaborative Culture. We explore the different dynamics of collaboration of high performing teams and then individual teams choose which drivers will drive change and they create strategies to achieve new goals.

Tough Coaching: Difficult Conversations

The REAL Model used to manage tougher discussions.
When is it the right time for someone to ‘go on a PDP’? By raising the confidence and communication ability of managers they won’t put off until tomorrow what they could do today.

Managing Work and Sales Management Processes

Long Term Sales Strategy – Goal Setting

Having a clean slate each morning to improve upon yesterday is one thing, intensive daily micro-management is another less productive route. To train sales managers in how to translate company-wide goals into the whole contact center estate is a positive way to help sales managers develop long-term goals and objectives for everyone. Financial targets are only one part of the picture in a manager’s role in creating well-rounded individuals who enjoy having colleagues who encourage and support them.

Mapping Sales Workflow

What is the role of the sales manager in improving systems and communication? We often follow the same processes we have inherited without questioning them when you can refine them or create far better routes to achieve desired outcomes. This exercise educates managers in how to scrutinize accepted methods and make them slicker, and more customer-focused.

Time Management

Principles and Ideas. New ways to consider our time, and how we use it.

At the end of the 1980s Stephen Covey produced his famous time quadrant and helped millions of executives understand the difference between Urgent and Important activities. His work and other contemporary time-based ideas have yet to reach every workplace and this workshop will help managers to rethink time, focus and energy. This workshop culminates in the creation of a new product or service, that different teams develop using different time-based principles. You then draw conclusions on what prioritisation and effective time management really means.

Sales Managers Presenting Strategy and Ideas to their Teams.


What makes people listen? Examples of Great Presenters and what preparation looks like.

We give people the CADA structure for presenting. Credibility, Advantages of Listening, Details to the power of 3 and the Actions the audience must take. So far Reality has trained over 2,500 executives in this powerful method.

Train the Sales Coach

All managers are trained in an effective performance coaching model that helps them to coach regularly and embed the new principles with their team. We help them make the big move from coaching by numbers, ‘coaching the call’, to coaching the person.

Accredited and trained, a number of Reality Training's team are Executive Coaching Practitioners. Studying with the Academy of Executive Coaches has given them expertise in the most effective coaching techniques and practices. We have a team of high-level coaches who are also able to become your additional support. Each year we typically coach between 150 and 300 managers and train twice that number in how to coach.

Who are our Sales Management Training Courses for?

What’s our method?

Our method is to train people in a series of practical exercises that helps them work out their preferred method. We give people examples of how the principles and ideas work in other organisations and throughout the sessions people are creating or translating ideas into new approaches that will work for them.

The training is interactive, upbeat, challenging and fun.

The result is that we create highly effective and inspirational sales managers.


We embed our sales management training in a variety of ways and partner with you so the methods you choose are the right ones for your people and culture.

Our embedding programme includes these methods:

Training Films

We have been making training films with the same specialist partner for twelve years and sixteen clients use our work to train, embed and induct people in exactly the right way to have conversations and manage people. We work with a number of actors who are our trainers, and we have an even bigger group of actors, including many well-known faces who appear in our training films, which are amusing, memorable, and often provide for many, the breakthroughs they need by way of defining examples of how the skills can be used to achieve powerful internal and customer engagement.

Role Play clinics

Live or virtually, testing the conversational model with different motives and customer types.

Site Visits

We attend in person or virtually and run a trouble shooting session or help managers adapt to meet new or topical demands.


This is becoming a fast-growing popular resource. Having launched our own Podcast, Bob and Jeremy’s Conflab during the first lockdown in 2020 we now offer clients bespoke podcasts. Whether sales, service or management we make focussed topic-based episodes where we discuss and bring alive the challenge versus the opportunity and make clear what the solution is.


These are a presentation of a topic or a whole module where we develop visual support, and you have your trainer bringing the topic to life. They can be watched on-demand and work particularly well when we make short highly specific webinars that address a common challenge.

The Benefits of Our Sales Management Training

Right now, the way your frontline people are led is pivotal to how your business emerges from a difficult period. Ineffective leadership will simply undersell what you have on offer – whereas trained and positive sales managers will always get the best from their people and deliver the best possible results.

How to Apply for Our Sales Management Training Courses

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Just get in touch by clicking here and telling us your initial thoughts on who you have that needs this type of development. We can quickly create a tailored proposal of relevant courses for you.


How long does Sales Management training take?

We have programmes and projects that often run between one and three years. This depends on the size and scale. We also have had very small projects with small and ambitious sales organisations, which means we might work with you for as little as three to six months.

What is Sales Management training?

You are developing your managers into leaders – this is the distinction between managing numbers and reports, to moving on to directly managing the sales performance of your team.

Sales Management Training

What’s the difference between a Sales Manager and a Sales Director?

Quite a few Sales Directors are actually Sales Managers and many Sales Managers are only that in the name. In our view, a ‘real’ Sales Manager is one who sells occasionally or helps their team to sell larger opportunities, but who primarily creates the best conditions for the sales team to excel.

Sales Directors usually have several Sales Managers reporting to them unless it’s a small company in which case the Sales Director will fulfill both roles.

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