Sales Conference Speakers

'Sales have been excellent since the conference, this is due to the members putting into practice the ideas they picked up!!' - Sheena Darby, Co-op Travel

Need speakers for a sales conference?

Bob Morrell and Jeremy Blake are the UK’s leading sales conference speakers. As a double act, they inspire, entertain and lead by example. Bob and Jeremy first met at drama school and have known each other for over twenty years, which gives them a very unique way of interacting as only old mates can. This makes their sessions highly memorable, entertaining and extremely positive experiences.

The focus of their sessions is on both verbal and non-verbal language and how changing your conversation and relationship building habits will transform your sales and management skills, and your profits.

Bob and Jeremy set up their Speaking and Training business Reality Training in 2002. They are both trained actors who became successful salespeople with firms including Yell, Ziff Davis and Expedia. They now work with many leading and ambitious organisations by inspiring their staff at all levels through conferences, training and workshops.

As business speakers they bring over 30 years of sales experience to life, to amuse, challenge and motivate others to achieve more.

Business Knowledge: They have worked with many leading companies including The AA, Adobe, Audi, B&Q, Kuoni and United Business Media.

Your session will have inspiring practical examples of how you can change for the better by applying different principles and attitudes.

They speak on many business topics, and deliver challenging presentations on subjects.

Here are their most popular presentations:

  • Sales and Service into the Twenties
  • The History of Selling
  • The Art of the Business Conversation
  • Marketing in Ancient Rome
  • Multi Channel Sales through Service
  • Breaking the Conversation Habit
  • The 5 Principles of Sales through Service
  • The 6 Weapons of Influence
  • DRIVES– Working Together – Seminar for Leaders and Managers
  • Call Centre Strategy In the New Decade
  • Service Recovery – Empowering Managers
  • Ensuring Your Recovery and Growth Through 5 Key Strategies
  • Charisma versus The Click – The marriage between online and face-to-face selling
  • Sales Management in the Teens and Twenties

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