Sales Conference Season – and Running a True Conference

By Bob Morrell on November 17, 2017

Speaking at a recent event we were surprised at how willing the audience were to interact. A few years ago we did a series of conferences for retailers and travel companies and we were well rehearsed in our content and knew when to ask for interaction – to get feedback etc, and then to carry on. On this occasion the audience clearly felt they could chip in with ideas and stories that would amplify the points we were making, whenever they felt like it! 

This discussion based style of conference speaking would throw some people – we actually love it because after 15 years of sales training you’re ready for anything. 

If it’s a big audience you need to remember to repeat questions and points made that others haven’t heard, and you also need to be patient and allow people to make their points. 

This is really the best way to run a true conference. At most conferences we speak at there is a mixture of the corporate leaders, sponsors, the practical motivation element (usually us) and then a sportsperson or a comedian. Over the years we’ve seen them all and it’s quite amusing to watch people imagining themselves to be World Cup winners, or to see them running about onto hot coals with the St John’s Ambulance on hand (just in case). 

On our main subjects around customer engagement, there is a lot to say because we’re all customers to someone – in fact these subjects demand discussion and re-examination. We are entering another economic period where sales skills will become vital to keep companies functioning. Where brand integrity, where damaged, colud be disastrous – and this is where controlled and facilitated discussion becomes more essential. 

Lastly, people only make changes to their behaviour when they are sure that their current reality is not enough – as the economy regains strength and we focus on growth the willingness to change will require conversations and some inspiration to make it happen in the right way for your brand. If you’d like us to speak at your sales conference and get your people talking please contact with your dates.