Retailers – ‘Business as Usual’, Really?

By Jeremy Blake on February 22, 2018

Why James didn’t Buy - a short story
As James parks his car in town to head to the hardware store, he sees that it is covered in scaffolding and his access into the building has changed.

He is guided past red and white danger tape and bollards, around the side and back of the building, he passes not one but two large signs stating ‘Business as Usual.’

As he enters the store he sees that a quarter of their stock has gone and when he asks about gardening power tools he’s told that they will only be carrying a handful of tools as they have made way for another brand to take some of their ‘valuable retail space.’

The old wise guy who mixed the paint for James last summer isn’t in today, “Where’s Sandy?” he asks a man passing in an ill fitting apron, “Oh the old guy, he was only part time so, well, er, he’s gone now.”

Not really business as usual to me thinks James.
Do I really need to buy this tool? From here?
He thinks… and decides – No.
With a sweep of his eyes up and down the rejigged aisle numbers, James turns on his heels and back out to the car and home…

Business wasn’t usual at all to James. Consider those words, Business as Usual. If usual is change or a below average experience, then it isn’t usual to James or any of your customers.

What to Do About It
What can you do to communicate to your customers that business is better than usual and any cosmetic changes are just that?

Yes you can spend money on bus stop poster ads, and if you have the cash -TV commercials. For a fraction, literally a fraction of that investment you can train your people to be proactive and to approach and talk with customers to give them the certainty they need. Instead of hoping they’ll react in a half decent manner, you can actually train them to proactively sell and serve every opportunity that walks in the door.

Reality Training are experts in developing and delivering Sales and Service Models which we design through a powerful co-building method.

We then deliver the training through nationwide roadshows and embed the learning through a coaching system and training films with top actors and presenters bringing the content alive.

Our Retail clients include Halfords, Dunelm, B&Q, and Thomas Cook. Curious? Want to help a friend? Email or call Ann Harris to set up a time to talk 01580 720 377