The Reality Win Principles

The Sales Model for B2B Account Management

Are you using Reality Win?

'Reality Training have helped our EMEA Channel team to transform into an SMB sales organization and revitalized our approach to engage with SMBs. In the first quarter of working with us, they helped us to achieve challenging targets and made a difference of missing targets big time before the training to overachieving all set goals thereafter. They have spent quite some time to understand our business model and the opportunities for growth. I would recommend any Business Leader that faces this or a similar challenge to transform the team to contact Reality Training.'
Hardy Koelher, Head of SMB, Adobe EMEA.


Reality Win

Reality Win is a flexible and adaptable model for business to business sales conversations based on a series of principles. Reality Win has now been trained to many leading brands who use it for new business, account management and both telesales and face to face business conversations.

Let’s compare Reality Win to one of the best known sales models.


The sales models that currently exist are generally direct sales methods. AIDA is a direct sales method.

Attention: Do I have your attention?

Interest: Are you interested in what it is I have to sell?

Desire (Decision in the USA): Do you want what I have got?

Action: Close the deal; get them to sign on the line.

As a model it does not require the sales person to understand anything about the customer.

The problem is that most B2B salespeople are trying to work with these direct techniques. They find out very little about the customer, and they keep pushing their product, using weak and tenuous links that are of little or no relevance. There always seems to be a reason why we should buy but little is done to connect that to the customer’s actual business needs.

The truth is customers do not need what it is you have to sell. You have to listen to them and then present something valuable that’s worth selling.

What you need to do is to find out as much as you can about the customer. A business conversation model based on principles, helps you do this. The mnemonic of our structure is REALITY WIN. REALITY is all about the customer; WIN is all about you, the salesperson and the product.

Why REALITY WIN works so well?

This is the order in which people buy. First they buy you, then your company, then your product. When conducting the REALITY conversation, whilst answering your brilliant questions, this is what is going on subconsciously in their brain:

1. ‘This person is very good and really interested in helping my business, they could sell for anyone.’

2. ‘They have chosen to sell for this company so this must be a good company.

3. ‘So their products must be good products.’

By the time they come to hear about you and your company and your product they will be significantly further towards buying than if you shortcut this process. If you do that they’ll think this:

1. This person isn’t that interested in my company,

2. They are a sub-standard sales person which means

3. The company they work for is probably second rate which means the product they are selling may not be a good investment for my business.’

If you get the REALITY part right, then the WIN section is shorter, easier, and guaranteed to make you money. These principles are the right way to sell anything!

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