Reality Training - 15 Years of Developing People and Businesses

By Bob Morrell on July 25, 2017

This summer we celebrated 15 years of being in business. This itself would seem to be achievement enough, however set that against our history then the fact that we are still in business after all these years is even more remarkable. We started out with an idea for a drama school. That quickly became a marketing consultancy, which then morphed into training. Within those changes were other major decisions and hard times. Ups and downs. Mistakes. Arguments and challenges.

As a business that works with larger businesses, we have been through everything that they have, only on a smaller scale. A hard time for a big business is pretty serious stuff. A mistake for a big business could cost millions. An argument in a big business could end up in court. As a small business you are forced ultimately to trade through hard times in a way that bigger ones struggle to. You have to learn from your mistakes and eventually enjoy the learning because that’s what builds quality. You have to move beyond arguments to find agreement which sometimes takes courage.

This journey we are on is a roller coaster which is both terrifying and hilarious at the same time. The good times make the bad times worth it. The celebrations for success, and the support when we fail are all part of it. You cannot have one without the other. You can’t have laughter without tears, you can’t have analogies without the practical application, you can’t have bad jokes without good ones, and you can’t deliver inspiration without demonstration. You can’t have positive feedback without some negative feedback. You can’t have growth without learning from mistakes. It’s two sides of the coin, two parts of the double act, it’s the cruel mistress of roadshows and suitcases, against the comforts of home, it’s the film and the green screen, the flights and the trains, the curry and the karaoke. It’s 15 years of being Reality!