Reality Training’s Customer Experience Check

Don’t Settle for the Traditional Mystery Shop

Many brands work with mystery shop companies. They do so to try to understand where their service is breaking down and to improve their NPS and sales figures. The problem with most mystery shopping companies is that they use real people who may fit the demographic but don’t understand the sales and service process of the organisation. They therefore score based on their preferences and aren’t able to scrutinise the language and conversation of the people they interact with.

They don’t understand where and how an operational process is designed to be aligned with customer engagement.

This makes the insight you receive more subjective than objective, and doesn’t give you any solutions on how to change your model to ensure your people deliver world class service.

Our people

Reality Training takes a different approach using our team of trainers and actors.

Not only will we be able to get people with different characteristics, they will also be professional trainers and actors. Our team of actors and trainers have delivered training nationally and internationally for many leading and ambitious brands, so they are not in a territory that is new to them. See Clients Page.

Our Method

We first train them in the sales and service model of your brand.

We then design the checking criteria, paying special attention to mapping how your sales process fits with both operational and omni channel challenges.

Our team will then test all of the channels that need testing. This can mean that the ‘conversation’ begins over an email, in your web chat channel or over the phone before the in store experience begins.

You need to have an end to end check so you can see how each and every sales and service channel is either enhancing the customer experience or damaging it.

Assess Customer Experience

Your retail or customer facing network is then assessed by the Reality Trainers. Our trainers will take on the persona of a specific customer type and transact accordingly. During the interaction the trainer will be looking for the following:

  • Delivery of the your sales and service structure
  • Personality and how natural they are with the structure
  • The result of the conversation

After each interaction, the trainer will detail findings to be collated into a draft report specific to that location.

What you gain:

Assess your customer experience around the delivery of your sales and service model.

Enable your managers to lead and embed the changes you need to make.

Create new assets including  sales and service and management modules.

Increase sales, profitability, service quality and the level of sales professionalism.

Your Report      

The report is bespoke to your objectives and will be designed at the outset of the project to match your visual and statistical preferences.

Reports will be by store and district. We can design the report to be broken down how you want it to be.

Metrics can include:

Price Objection Handling Ability

Product Knowledge and Personalisation

Follow up strategy

Brand Integrity

Quality of Questions

Additional Support

Area or regional managers can attend regional sessions where the trainers feedback on the strengths so they can become shared and the areas of improvement.

At the end of the session managers can receive a full summary report of their stores and area managers can have a  district report detailing all other observations and recommendations.

Create On Screen Coaching Films

Our trainers can film and record to camera their experiences based on their customer interactions.

They will provide training and coaching around the most common themes that will provide the biggest return for that specific region. Catching people doing things well will be the priority to explore adding an extra 5% to sales values.

These videos will provide managers with a visual “How to” whilst addressing the key opportunities in their respective districts.

More Additional Support

There are a number of other areas we can provide support on.

Coaching National Sales Managers.

Sales and Service strategy workshops with retail directors and the head of marketing to align these functions.


Micro and E Learning

All support is bespoke to what you want and what your culture makes it easy for people to use.


In your proposal we will be able to work out your return on investment.

This calculation is based on your average sales value per store and your current sales conversion rate.

We will also be able to assess your current NPS score and the report, and our recommendations will show you what you need to do to increase it.

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