The Reality Team Leader Programme

Through our work with many national and international organisations, we see this role as the most crucial one to ensure a consistent level of sales and service is achieved.

The Reality Team Leader Programme, Be A Better Team Leader

From our experience on projects and partnerships with our clients lasting between two and eight years, we have devised this experiential team leader programme in a modular approach to make your managers as inspirational and effective as they can be.

They do this by empowering their people and replace the wrong habit of watching the scoreboard with the new habit of playing the game.

How Long Does The Programme Run?

Typically, this programme runs from the shortest time frame of 6 months to two years.

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Topic Areas Covered?


Persuasion and Influence

The opening workshop looks at the ways people are influenced and persuaded. A great way to self-analyse strengths and weaknesses when it comes to getting teams and individuals to perform.

Prioritization and Time Management

A look at theoretical time management principles and very practical approaches to prioritization.

Goal Setting

How are individual and team goals structured? What is the best way to help someone set a goal that they are inspired to reach? We challenge and decide the best way for your managers to create their own goals and help their teams to set and refine theirs.


Some people can’t let go,others give too much autonomy. How to recognize your existing habits when it comes to delegating tasks and responsibilities and to empower others to become more responsible and grow in creative confidence.

Sales Meetings

Begin with the end in mind, said Mr Covey but how do you do that every day? Building on your delegation skills you grow the confidence of others to lead sales meetings and help people grow into their functional strengths.

Leadership through Coaching

Telling people what to do has a very different outcome to coaching them in what they can achieve. Using Reality’s simple and highly effective coaching model we develop team Leaders in how to coach and inspire people to grow in their professional and interpersonal skills. We continue to build on our coaching work and take them to the next level.

Performance Management

What happens when someone hasn’t taken responsibility and their effort and application is lacking? We discuss and decide on the best method of performance management to suit your culture and managers have a case study to build over the prevailing weeks.

The 5 Principles

Team leaders deepen their skills and knowledge of The 5 Principles – Reality’s sales and service model and raise the skill level of all four quartiles of personnel.

Selling to The C Suite

In business, we often build relationships with very few stakeholders This module looks at how Team leaders can extend their relationships internally with different functions and specialists within your organisation.

Presentation Skills Training

Are your slides better than you are? Or are you all talk and no visual support? This module gives you The CADA Presentation Structure which will enable you to prepare for every single presentation you have whether you are inspiring one person or one thousand people.

Methods Of Course Delivery

Pre boarding – self-analysis, reading and viewing materials pre training.

  • Live training session.
  • Experiential application.
  • Peer to peer review.

Review with Reality on a Coaching Call or webinar between each module.

Review with their manager.

You can also take this programme with additional e-learning, video and coaching support.

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