Reality sales tracker app

Free for individuals from the App Store on IOS or Android - if you would like to find out how the App can help your company, please request a conversation with Reality Training using the form. 

The Reality Sales Tracker is a performance monitoring app that allows each user to log their sales and measure their personal conversion rate.
The innovative part is that with this app, you also log any ‘missed’ sales, so you can learn what is working and what needs to improve. 

Key in your average order value, the number of sales you generally make, and then simply tally each sale against any sales you miss.

Over your chosen timescale you can understand your own conversion rate, which is the key measure of your sales performance, whilst identifying areas for training.

You can also record what techniques helped you make a sale, and what were the reasons you lost a sale.

Used for a week, pre and post training, you can quickly see the immediate effect of training on your performance.

Work out your conversion rate – What percentage of conversations end in a sale? 
Personalised to each user – What is your average order value, and how often do you make a sale, then log sales or missed sales as they happen. 
Learn what works and what doesn’t – What are your sales strengths? What needs to improve to increase your success? 
Valid for most marketplaces – Any market with multiple sales per hour, day, week or month. 
Sales Tips added regularly – After 15 years of sales training experience Reality Training offer valuable tips to make immediate improvement. 
Identify training needs – What areas of the conversation are the most challenging? The Reality Sales Tracker helps you identify training requirements. 
Judge the effectiveness of sales training – Use the Reality Sales Tracker before any training, and then use for the same period after to see the effect. 
Use for coaching and feedback – Add value to coaching conversations, use the app to demonstrate success and pinpoint where help is needed.

Developed by Reality Training with over 15 years sales training experience across all industries, this simple and valuable app empowers each customer facing individual to accurately monitor their own performance.