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A unique approach to revitalising your business, REALITY DRIVES will transform your working practices


A unique approach to revitalising your business, REALITY DRIVES will transform your working practices – and the profitability of your business. We’ve examined the reasons behind the success of some of the world’s leading brands and organisations, and distilled the lessons we’ve learned into the 6-point DRIVES.

D Discretion: How do you liberate your team members to make decisions? How do you delegate effectively?

RRoles: How to improve clarity in roles and lines of responsibility and reporting. Do job descriptions match job functions? How do roles affect relationships within the team?

I Integrity: What do we mean by brand integrity? Does the team embody this integrity and how can they communicate it to colleagues and customers? We’ll examine brands that do this well – what can be learnt from them?

- Vision: Everyone wants to know where they are going – not everyone is great at expressing and explaining their vision. Clearer goals mean more effective teams.

- Environment: Successful brands know how crucial our working environment is – and how we impact on others within the workplace. We examine how they’ve optimised the environments they work in and devise solutions for your team.

- Self-worth: No one can work to their fullest potential if they lack self-confidence. But confidence is something that can be developed – we introduce the management science principle that can foster and develop confidence and show how teams can – and must – apply these consistently and constantly.

Who Is The Course For?

Managers who want to explore and maximise the potential of their team members

Managers and employees will experience greater freedom within their roles – which will lead to less stress, greater happiness and job satisfaction and more productivity. Greater clarity and vision at work means goals and targets are understood and bought into by the whole team – meaning productivity increases and results improve. Newly confident team members will inspire colleagues and customers alike – clients will buy more and more often from a team that is focused, energetic and confident.

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