The Real Skills Leadership Conference

By Jeremy Blake on May 14, 2020

Get a clear sense of how others are feeling and make a new choice about your leadership.

We have launched two new virtual conferences that we run as in-house company and member organisation events.

“The Perfect Storm, The Real Skills Sales Conference” and one for leaders called “The Real Skills Leadership Conference“.  We’ve designed these conferences to run over 90 minutes to help leaders of organisations, departments and teams. 

The conferences are a combination of listening to other leader’s challenges and opportunities and the sharing of your own.

A leader’s role to connect to the changing outlook and lead your team so they can engage.

With engagement comes understanding, and with understanding comes clarity.  You need skills, which for years have been called ‘soft’ skills. Empathy had become a cliché, but now a new level of empathy is a very real skill. 

This is a skills-based conference where we manage a series of discussions, in groups.

We ran one just this week for leaders from businesses that are members of AITO.

Here’s what they are saying about The Real Skills Leadership Conference.

“Very much enjoyed your conference. I’ve done a lot of online stuff and that was exceptionally well structured.  Energising and effective, the training felt like it would lead me towards positive action.” Sam Clark

“I really enjoyed interacting and listening to others. TBH I have not done many of these.

The session was just the right length in time and great to meet new groups in each breakout session.  Your energy, direction and personality shone through.” Mary Baxter

“It was very well structured as well as thought provoking. Engaging with others to hear their thoughts and observations on the questions you posed was enlightening in itself, let alone the answers and goals I came up with for myself. The way you were able to create the breakout rooms was brilliant and I can definitely now see why everyone is talking about this technology being the way forward for remote working!"  James Palmer-Tomkinson

“I found it very thought provoking and it has definitely re-energised me at a time where I’ve felt the levels slipping a little. There was still a good level of integration and connection with the other attendees, much of which was down to the content and how each breakout time was set-up by Jeremy.”  Rob Fielding

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