The Re-Emergence of ‘Live’

By Bob Morrell on November 23, 2021

Over the last 3 weeks we’ve been back in front of actual people. We’ve delivered days of training to groups of 30, spoken at a retail conference, and attended projects in Birmingham and Leeds which meant travel and hotels. We’ve slipped back effortlessly, into our previous existence of travelling, staying in hotels, cooked breakfasts, and a selection of restaurants. Of course, it’s different. We have to plan ahead, re-jig how we work, and think about safety, testing, space, air, breaks, masks, etc.

There is suddenly a real need for that human connection again. We were concerned we would have lost the ‘knack’ of delivering live sessions, but after 20 years it was like wearing a pair of old shoes. What you forget, is how much fun it is. To prepare, rehearse, deliver your message, act out sketches, get people laughing.

We recently recorded a podcast that gives you plenty of tips about how to host a successful company conference – please have a listen when you get the chance.

In 2022, we already have 3 projects booked where we will be delivering the training live, wherever possible. It’s funny and reassuring how quickly ‘live’ has come back.

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