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Deploy your people after Project Management Training Project Management is either your job, or as a manager, what you are paid to manage alongside other duties.

Project Management Training with Reality Training

Who is this for?

Project Management is either their job, yours if you’re reading this, or as a manager, what you are paid to manage alongside other duties.

Deploy your people after Project Management Training

Under that vast heading comes all of the others; Time, Resource, Objectives, Reviews, Success Criteria and Financial facts and analysis.

How Is The Course Delivered?

Reality Training has developed 2 Project Management courses. The first came from the implementation of our training programmes with large brands. To develop several thousand people, within a reasonable time scale, requires a team of people making key decisions, so when we are engaged to deliver a training programme, the first stage can be to ‘train’ a team of Project Managers in how to implement this project.

The effectiveness of this immersion on Managers means they get core ideas and planning techniques which will be usable on just about every project they do.

Reality Training can now offer this course to our clients, to improve the way your organisation delivers it’s different development aims, and make sure that the communication and execution of each project is as effective as possible, and also at the most reasonable cost.

Programme for Projects with Challenges

The second Programme ‘Advanced’ is aimed at PM’s with specific project issues that they want to overcome. Smaller groups, over two days with a break between, analyse their current project plans and get help from Reality, and each other, to realise great success.

Project overruns are damaging, costly, and largely unnecessary. This one day course will pay for itself with the next project you deliver, by looking at bottle necks and potential delays that will win you back time and money immediately.

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