The Professional Retailer

By Bob Morrell on July 1, 2021

On a recent visit to Moss Bros, I was trying to buy a suit for my son for sixth form. The gentleman who served me was polite, direct, persuasive, and assumptive. He picked up shoes, shorts, ties, and socks – he spoke to my son with respect but also huge knowledge about what looked best.

The result was we bought a lovely suit that my son actually likes wearing – that’s massive for me. Imagine spending all that money and him not wearing it, trying to change it, rebelling in some way? This sales patter was entirely assumptive – if you’re buying a nice suit why wouldn’t you buy decent shoes, and shirts? If you get this right, then you won’t have to buy much again, so in paying more, I’m saving money?

I wish that all retailers understood this – Gap, where Jeremy once worked as a Saturday boy, is closing. They did not change, and they did not sell. Selective buying is okay for certain things – but good service increases sales and profitability.

3 Tips – 1) Natural accessories – always. 2) Quality is worth investing in – not everyone wants cheap and c) speak in your customer’s language so they buy in.

The ability to adapt to a customer is key for all salespeople. If you‘re a one trick pony then you will most likely only be selling to matching or complementary types, rather than adapting for all.