Product Quality - How Proud Are You of Your Products?

By Bob Morrell on April 15, 2015

One of the joys of holidays is eating in restaurants and trying new cuisine. I was reminded recently, about a restaurant I visited in Sardinia many years ago, which specialised in fish. The owner/manager was a tanned, grey, pony-tailed Sardinian, who wore leather bracelets with his smart waiters outfit.

They sold their fish by the weight. So when you asked about fish, he went to the kitchen, and came back with a platter of fish caught that day, and you simply pointed at the ones you wanted. You paid a price per kilo.

What made the difference was the look on his face and the way he held himself; the fish was on a stainless steel platter, all caught that day, fresh and shiny, including shell fish, squid and other crustaceans. He held the platter above his waist, displaying the fish to the table. The look on his face said this: 'Look at the quality and freshness of this fish, I am very proud to be able to offer you this selection and whatever you choose we'll cook perfectly for you.'

He actually said nothing, just looked very confident in his product. The outcome of this stance was - everyone ordered more... Because he made you feel that this was top quality stuff, the desirability to eat more increased and you ordered at least one fish or serving more than you had originally considered.

Pride in one's product is tough these days. I was also served by an appalling car showroom salesman who did NOTHING to show his pride in selling his brand of vehicle. His laziness and lack of enthusiasm meant I didn't buy from that brand and I am unlikely to now.

Enthusiasm is not being keen, or in some cases 'over-keen'. It's about knowing your product so well, and being 'sold yourself' that makes the difference. If you can get across that enthusiasm and pride in your voice, your body language, and your eyes, that is going to persuade your customer's to buy.