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Reality Training's presentation skills training teaches the skills & techniques you need to influence audiences big or small.

Reality Training’s Presentation Skills Training course

It’s an unnatural situation where you are expected to perform. Some of us find it easy; others really dread these occasions and get less from them than they might.

The value of presenting has never diminished. For some years it was seen as too traditional, and yet nothing persuades more than a well-designed, rehearsed and polished presentation!

Reality Training’s Presentation Skills Training course is highly motivational, and practical. You will learn ideas and techniques you can use the very next day, or the very next presentation you give.  Other advantages are increased confidence, the development of better-quality content and a more effective delivery.

Presentation Skills Training works well in the abstract – considering future presentations, or in the ‘here and now’ working on specific presentations and pitches. Reality Training are specialists when it comes to developing winning and persuasive presentations and can also offer remote coaching for ‘next day’ meetings.

The 4 Part Modular Programme for Presentation Skills

This programme has been developed into four distinct sections. The reason behind that comes from research showing how different thinking styles of an audience need to be considered and approached.

Your audience will break down into four core types of thinkers.

  • Imaginative – Feeling and Reflective.
  • Analytical – Reflective and Thinking.
  • Common sense – Thinking and Doing.
  • Dynamic – Creating and Acting.

The CADA structure builds on the research from educationalists and neuroscientists and ensures you appeal to the different people types that will be in your audience. While some people will be feeling and reflecting on what you are saying, others will be creating their own examples and running scenarios in their minds.

By getting across your credibility first before moving into highlighting the advantages of listening to you, you are setting forth a clear and compelling narrative that will hold everyone’s attention and allow the common sense people to follow your logic, while teasing the dynamic thinkers with the advantages they can personally expect to enjoy from engaging with your presentation.

These modules are broken down as follows:

  • Structure – The CADA Structure for Presentation planning and content development. From getting across your credibility to making it clear what actions your audience need to take. CADA in Spanish means every or each. When you use this structure each and every time you will succeed in preparing all of the information you need and present it in exactly the right order to guarantee you have maximum influence over your audience.
  • Creative Language – Deciding on your theme and the message you want to get across. Choosing the best language to engage your audience’s imagination and senses to understanding the best words to make them feel differently about the subject.
  • Voice and Body Language – From getting your pitch and projection right to being able to pause at the right time and speak with confidence and authority so that your audience listen and engage. Understanding how best to use your body and gestures to add weight and clarity to the points you are making or the story you are telling.
  • Visual Support – Knowing the difference between using images and film that enhance your presentation rather than distract and weaken it. You’ll consider what you wear and what you leave behind to make a memorable impact.

Who is this programme for?

Programme aimed at those who present to internally and externally. You may be a director who delivers a series of presentations at board level and to large parts of your organisation every year. You may be in sales and marketing and get involved in presenting and pitching new and renewal proposals to clients. You may also train or speak to partners, suppliers or run development sessions with your teams and you are looking to hone your skills

What knowledge and skills will you learn?

This is a four modular programme. Each of the modules can be extended into whole day programmes especially if you are looking for our help to develop and create the message you need to deliver. You will learn how to plan and prepare your content, know your strengths when it comes to your voice and body language and you will be aware of how to use presenting as your most powerful persuasion method.

Our Presentation Skills clients include

Aceville, Audi, Bourne Leisure – Butlins, Haven and Warner Leisure Hotels – Bourne Leisure, Carax, EMAP, EMW Law, IMG, The IOD, Marwyn Investment Management, Pearson, TUI, The Money Shop, UBM, WGC Group, William Reed Business Media and Yell.

Course Outcomes

Your delegates, colleagues and customers will understand you more and believe in your capability to deliver. This in turn makes others motivated over what they can achieve by taking action following your presentation. Everything from sales revenues, conversion rates and staff retention and motivation will be improved.

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