The Perfect Storm - the Real Skills Sales Conference.

Get a clear sense of how others are feeling and make a new choice about your approach to selling.

For businesses and member organisations as a bespoke offering. We also run open conferences where you’ll meet and connect with leaders from multiple industries and backgrounds.

Changing your approach to winning, retaining and growing customers.

How should businesses build revenue now?

We are all experiencing uncertainty and challenges. You need to know how you can help customers. Your people need to show the right behaviours.

We’re running this live online conference because we know that the most important thing we can do is to help sales leaders and sales teams to choose the right approach.

It’s 90 minutes, looking at what you can do now. It is about what you can do as someone leading a team or in charge of your own sales success.

This is a skills-based conference where we manage a series of discussions, in groups.

Here’s what people are saying about The Perfect Storm, the Real Skills Sales Conference

"The conference was very interactive and it was positive that people from various sectors were involved. I learned that the soft skills remain crucial and we need to keep focusing on these." - Liesbeth Celeen

“It was great to hear how positive people are being, so I will definitely be taking that away with me and use this time effectively to think about my own goals and processes for after lockdown.” - Tanya Read

“It was great to talk to others within our industries that had similar concerns / anxieties and share some knowledge and thoughts.  I feel very motivated following this and this really is a time to look at things differently, start thinking about what life will be like when we go back to our roles and the changes we can make.” - Cheryl Townsend

“It was fantastic!” - Mollie Stonham

“That was excellent – thank you so much… so pleased I joined in.. and I feel so much more positive.  Its funny how the negatives can become the positives.” - Clare Dudley

“I really enjoyed the format, listening to people’s ideas and solutions was really interesting. I am taking courage away with me and will give a lot more value to my soft skills.   I am going to use zoom wherever possible with clients as it is much better for relationship building during social distancing.” - Susan Tannatt

“The breakout sessions were fab, my initial reaction was to leave as the thought of it was terrifying! However by the end it was a lot less daunting and glad I stayed!” - Kirsty McBride

“Whilst I was initially apprehensive about breaking out into a virtual room with strangers, your approach certainly pushed me outside my comfort zone and I appreciated the opportunity to get my brain into gear. It encouraged me to think laterally in order to solve my sales problems by discussing them together in order to reach constructive solutions.” - Nick McGreevy

“I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed The Perfect Storm Real Skills Sales conference you hosted yesterday.  The format of the session worked extremely well and I particularly found discussing the questions you posed in each section with delegates from a wide range of industries thought provoking.  The structure of the questions helped me work through every question posed no matter how challenging!” - Elizabeth Metheringham

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