The Perfect Storm, 30 Ways to Drive Your Business

By Jeremy Blake on September 29, 2020

Live and launched…our new Audio Book.
The Perfect Storm, 30 Ways to Drive Your Business.

By Bob Morrell and Jeremy Blake

Narrated by Jo Bourne and Jeremy Blake.

Download from Audible.


12 years ago, at the height of the financial crisis, Reality Training was still a fledgling business. We had lots of content from our management, marketing and sales training business that had value.

So decided to write a book with 30 positive strategies that business could engage with to help them through tough times. The Perfect Storm was born, a few years later we wrote a second edition, and now, in the shadow of the changes from Brexit we have written and recorded a third edition.

What we’ve always done, is to try and make each edition relevant to the times we are living through. Right now, this book could not be more important. All businesses are going through huge and difficult changes because of what is happening in relation to COVID 19.
A crisis like this changes so much, and we must respond. This book offers workable and straightforward strategies which are effective and simply explained.

The audio book, recorded by Jeremy and Jo, offers a 2 hour and 45 minute listening experience which gets across each business method, using the English drawl of Jeremy, showing the vocal benefits of a public and drama school education; combined with the blessed relief of Jo’s soft Scottish accent!
This means you have two voices and this makes the entire experience more enjoyable.

Download this audio book from Audible, listen to it when walking, running, or travelling, or when you need some ideas and inspiration when working from home.

I can guarantee that you will find it informative, entertaining, amusing, and possibly, inspirational.

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The Perfect Storm, 30 Ways to Drive Your Business