The Perfect Storm – 30 Ways To Drive Your Business

by Bob Morrell and Jeremy Blake

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Product Description:

4 years have passed since Bob Morrell and Jeremy Blake wrote the original ‘Perfect Storm’ in response to the financial crisis. There was so much negativity flying around, they wanted to offer businesses some ideas of how to respond in a positive way to events beyond their control. Reviewing those 30 ideas, we can clearly see that they are as relevant now as they were back then, in fact they have a new resonance as economies slowly recover and look for robust strategies to help them grow. A combination of 5 of these ideas, fully working, would offer most businesses a great chance for development. As well as the original chapters there are new contributions from industry experts who add new weight to this edition, as well as a new introduction.

Now downloadable as an eBook, this is a great resource for travelling business people who like to dip into strategic ideas whilst they are travelling, and each chapter gives them the perfect ignition point to form specific strategies.

Priced competitively at £9.99, this ebook represents amazing value when you consider that just one of the 30 ideas could change your company, safeguard your development, and set you up for the next decade!

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