Our Value to You

Training Operations & Project Management

Reality Training has created business to business principle based training. We have also developed proven business to consumer sales and service principles.

We specialise in training large groups, event training. Working with 40 people per day. We use 2-3 trainers per session so we can demonstrate the principles and language and bring the training alive in a fun and engaging way. We work with leading brands and smaller ambitious ones to train high numbers of advisors and managers. Our teams regularly train on multiple sites giving you scale. Our programmes offer high value at a low cost per head. We are compliant with data protection and IP rules. Our training has been adapted for virtual delivery.  We offer In-house project management, feedback and E-books and online development and we award training certificates.

Additional Services

Reality Training offer Executive Coaching to individuals, as well as those taking part in our programmes. Our Management Training modules include Managers as Coaches, Time Management, Presentation Skills and Collaboration Workshops.
Our programmes are supported by bespoke training films created to he clients brief, using presenters, actors, and our film production partners.

Reality Training are conference speakers for many industries, using 2-3 speakers per time so we can act and present scenarios on compelling and topical subjects.

We deliver a consultancy service to clients, analysing their service or product proposition and it’s delivery from a customer perspective – this involves accompaniment, call listening and the creation of reports with recommendations, observations and criticisms.

We run workshops for teambuilding, leadership and many other subjects, virtually and live.

We Train-The-Trainer so that you can successfully bring our delivery style and content in-house. We write quality guidelines, E learning content and write E books for clients. We record public and in-house Podcasts and webinars. We write business books and guides and articles for business magazines.

Research and Development

Reality Training produce new training content, weekly. To do this we use a mix of channels to find exciting ideas and avenues for our work. For every project we engage in diagnosis, which is a paid for part of what we do. We also engage in co-building sessions with frontline staff and managers to get their perspective on their biggest challenges.

We engage in regular self-development, in the last for years for example, 3 of us have qualified as Executive Coaches. Recently we have been on Mindfulness courses, engaged in online learning, and developed our remote delivery technical skills. We have also researched, trialled and launched virtual conferences to high numbers.

Sales & Marketing

Every year we produce a marketing plan which covers direct marketing, social media, events, database management and promotion through thought leadership. We understand that ours is a referral business, so our reputation and the results we produce are our best advertisement. We are often mentioned in our clients Social media – which shows our ability to create change. Our clients know we want to be talking about their success as we promote our own. We don’t employ salespeople – we sell our projects ourselves. As trainers to consumer brands we advocate being buyers of the of the products and services we are training people to sell. Our work is reviewed on social media producing unsolicited testimonials. Through lockdown we have provided free, daily motivation – through our major social media channels. This includes free executive coaching on Fridays.

Reality Training produce business books and guides available on Amazon. We speak at online and live conferences which is a shop window for our work and approach to business challenges.

Customer Service

All of our training delivery is feedback led through trainees and stakeholders. We also are given confidential data led feedback on conversion rates, increased order values and frequency of purchase and NPS scores and other customer satisfaction measures. Our service to customers is a retention strategy, forging strong, valuable relationships and continually improving our delivery of service to each client.

We have a Circle of Influence list of key advocates, prospects and influencers in 3 categories and provide tailored information and support to these people, acting as a ‘critical friend’ to their businesses. We collect testimonials, and encourage referrals.

We are transparent on service level and quality of our project delivery.

We often deliver free additional services beyond our client brief, such as attending events and presentations, and we create bespoke films, webinars and more.

We are determined to be as flexible as possible to make out projects work within our clients other priorities.

How can we be valuable to you?