Other Sales Training Courses

A selection of 10 sales channel, and industry specific training courses. 

These courses have been created and delivered for specific clients – now you can book them for your teams, so choose from;

Software Sales Training - For Global Software Brands – Enterprise or Channel Sales
Telesales Courses - Maximising your Conversion Rate
Web Chat Training - Creating a valuable sales channel with Chat
Field Sales Training - Territory and Account Management Skills
Sales Induction Training - Hit the ground running with key skills
Executive Coaching - 15 years of l&d experience to help you grow
Media Sales Training - Generate profitable revenues from advertising sales
Digital Media Sales Training - Maximise digital revenues alongside traditional media
Webinar Training - Delivering International Webinars Successfully
Time Management - Make the most of your time and prioritise effectively

Software Sales Training

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Reality Training have a number of courses perfect for Global software brands. If you sell software to SMB customers, through channel partners or direct to enterprises, our sales training for software companies will increase your sales, create better relationships and develop your people. Our courses are:

SMB Software Sales Training

For teams who sell either directly to end users, or via channel resellers, this course was developed for a global software leader for their EMEA team.

Selling to Enterprises

Developing the skills to sell to Enterprises means creating engagement strategies that get you closer to your decision makers and maintain their belief in you. Our programme is a proven method for achieving constant value and building on long term and high value sales.

Selling to the C-Suite

This programme is delivering results for a leading software vendor, helping them achieve key strategic partnerships with their reseller partners, increasing sales and installing long term relationships. It is also perfect for anyone wanting to sell to the Enterprise at a high level or with multi-level decision-makers.

Train the Coach

Supporting these modules we train managers in a simple and effective method to coach their teams around the principles. This makes sure that behavioural changes actually take place and that managers follow through the training with the right coaching questions.

Presentation Skills

Our two programmes for Presentation Skills are created to generate greater impact from each presentation given, and also to help individuals understand their own presentation style, and improve it.

Embedding Programmes

All of our training is embedded with a series of different interventions. These are Webinars, using the Adobe Connect system leaving a permanent URL for all participants and holders of the unique link. We run Conference Calls, develop online training blogs and also run questionnaires which illustrate and monitor behavioural change and improvement.

Testimonial from Adobe:

‘Reality Training have helped our EMEA Channel team to transform into an SMB sales organization and revitalized our approach to engage with SMBs. In the first quarter of working with us, they helped us to achieve challenging targets and made a difference of missing targets big time before the training to overachieving all set goals thereafter. They have spent quite some time to understand our business model and the opportunities for growth. I would recommend any Business Leader that faces this or a similar challenge to transform the team to contact Reality Training.’
Hardy Koehler, Head of SMB EMEA, Adobe.

For more information on Software Sales Training, visit our contact us page.

Telesales Training Courses With Reality

Our 5 Principles Of Selling Course Develops Exceptional Telesales Skills… But Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

“Overall conversion has increased by 13% – Reality Training were definitely the major factor behind this increase”Darren Grahame-Betts, KUONI, Head of Call Centres and Operations.

Reality Training ‘cut their sales teeth’ in telesales. We spent years persuading people to buy, without meeting them, face to face. We were trained in AIDA, DIPIDA, STUNT and SPIN, LIP and SPIT, SING and BLAG. Ultimately, there are probably as many sales systems as there are departments, yet the principles of selling remain the same.

Who Are Our Telesales Training Courses For?

  • Service Industry Business owners – so they can train their Sales and Customer Service Managers
  • Colleagues who sell on the phone

Skills and Knowledge Covered In Our Telesales Courses

  • Key telesales principles
  • How to influence people over the phone
  • Effective questioning structures
  • How to handle both outgoing telesales calls and incoming enquiry based telesales

Training Outcomes

  • Increased telesales revenues
  • Increased conversion rates
  • Increased profitability drivers
  • Uncover any bad habits
  • New ordering of sales conversations for more effective calls.

For more information on Telesales Training, visit our contact us page.

Chat Training – Selling and Closing on the Internet

Where Persuasive Sales Language Transforms a Customer’s Online Experience

Multi-Channel selling is the new concept where retailers replicate customer service ethics via their stores, their call centres and their internet businesses. Internet Chat is increasingly used to help customers at various stages of their transaction and ultimately lower ‘abandon’ rates on different pages. Brands also need to be able to ‘close’ customers and offer additional information.

The skills required to master internet chat sales are almost the same as for face to face and telephone sales, but of course you have the use of neither.

Sales Agents need to be trained in:

1) Sales Principles and Timing – how are customers persuaded to buy? What are the important pieces of language that will be influential at the crucial research and ‘point of purchase’ stages?

2) Questioning and Product Knowledge – how to interest the customer in a positive way and find out what they need?

3) Objection Handling and Closing – persuasive techniques to check, challenge and prove value.

Our Chat training is a 2-4 day course which mirrors perfectly our proven Retail Sales Training and our Telesales Training. This sequence of programmes, coupled with board and management sessions, makes sure that your whole brand develops consistent and up-to-date customer service standards, fit for the multi-channel demands your customers expect.

This module is also taken with remote coaching sessions for team leaders and agents, as well as train-the-trainer and train-the-coach modules so you can roll-out this programme as your chat department grows.

‘We have fully embraced the principles and have now changed our philosophy to align with the Reality sales principles, it is our way forward’

Karen Samuelson – Director of Offline Sales – Travelocity

” The feedback and the quality of work we have seen since the training has been fantastic.”

Clair Boon,  Thomson (TUI UK)

For more information on Chat Training, visit our contact us page.

Field Sales Training with Reality

Whether they’re managing individual clients or entire territories, trainees will acquire the skills to maximise the number of customers they sell to and increase the value of the orders they secure.

Who is it for?

  • Sales managers
  • Account managers
  • Sales Consultants who manage clients, accounts and territories at regional, national or international level.

Skills and Knowledge

Delegates will come away with the following skills and knowledge:

  • Customer understanding
  • Knowledge of territory and client account management systems
  • How to build relationships
  • Sales proposition development
  • How to create winning pitches and presentations
  • How to maximise your sales potential


  • Increased sales revenues and conversion rates with higher profit margins
  • Reworked sales conversations
  • Improved confidence in sales forces
  • Any bad habits revealed
  • Re-evaluated brand messages
  • Improved relationships with key clients

‘The guys are doing brilliantly and we’re all incorporating the new training techniques into our days”.
JR, Sales Manager, Travel Weekly

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Sales Induction Training

Whether they’re new to selling, new to your company, or have been left to their own devices for too long, the new and untrained salespeople in your company are your greatest source of unused potential. Isn’t it time to unlock that potential and give your staff the tools and techniques that will help them lift your company to greater sales?

Poor induction or being left to ‘sink or swim’ is the biggest factor in the high turnover of sales staff. Get sales induction right and you can harness the potential of your most promising staff.

Who is it for?

Staff who are new to selling

Staff who are new to your company

Staff who have been left to ‘sink or swim’ with little or no training

Knowledge and Skills

  • What is Sales and Marketing
  • Sales Conversations – the 5 Principles of Selling
  • Proposals and presentations
  • Follow up strategy and voicemails
  • Pricing Psychology and Negotiation
  • Closing and the Cement
  • Time management for selling
  • Territory and Client Management


See the sales your team and company make take off!

Delegates will start to act with confidence and motivation.

A whole network of enthused and skilled salespeople who’ll drive the performance of your company.

Shared brand values across the team – and company

For more information on Sales Induction Training, visit our contact us page.

Reality Business and Executive Coaching

Bob Morrell and Jeremy Blake have been working with Salespeople and Managers for 15 years. Over that time they have developed several effective coaching models, which they use to train coaches in parallel with the Reality Training programmes, and also employ them to coach senior and middle executives.

Executive Coaching gives you access to independent, confidential and innovative techniques that will inspire, develop and support your professional growth.

The format is simple and effective. Reality establish key goals, and spend time working towards them. They allocate time on the telephone, Skype or face to face, to use coaching conversations to take executives from where they are, to where they want to be.

In the last seven years, Reality Coaches have worked with Senior Executives from large Business Media organisations, Global IT companies, Training and Development teams, and have coached managers in the United States and India.

We have one rule, which makes a real difference. Once you engage in a coaching programme and your time is allocated, it becomes ‘A’ time!

For more information on Reality Business and Executive Coaching, visit our contact us page.

Media Sales Training

Media Sales Training has changed over the last ten years. When we began, working with regional newspapers and business titles, there was still, amazingly, a wariness of the digital world. Over the next few years our focus changed from straightforward media sales techniques to developing the way individuals sold their solutions, moving from cross platform advertising, to digital only campaigns.
Media Sales Training in the modern world is about the understanding of how modern marketing works, and that is a subject that is changing all the time.

Media Sales Training is the single most effective intervention you can make to increase sales in the short term. Companies that engage in sustained development programmes hold on to their talent for longer, in a highly competitive marketplace.

3 Reasons why you should use Reality Training to deliver Media Sales Training Programmes

1) We sold media for many years with leading brands such as UBM, Ziff Davis, Yellow Pages and Expedia. We train teams from B2B, B2C, National and Regional Press and Digital Brands.

2) Our book ‘The Death of Late Space – Your Guide to Success in Media Sales’ (2nd Edition) is the only book of its type and is now available on Kindle!

3) We deliver Media Sales Training programmes to larger groups – so you can get your sales force through our training more quickly and immediately see and experience the effect.

Media Sales Training clients include EMAP, UBM, William Reed, DMG, Newsquest, Travel Weekly, Aceville and the IOD.

We have a new series of Media Sales Training Programmes for 1,2 and 3 day courses. These courses cover but are not limited to:

  • Media Sales Training Induction
  • Account Management Training
  • The Reality Sales Structure for Media Sales
  • Rate Card Training (literally, a re-introduction to your advertising rates)
  • Media Sales Management – Inspiring and Managing a Media Sales Team
  • Media Recruitment
  • Presentation Skills
  • Digital Media Sales Training – see seperate page

When we meet you we will develop bespoke training content for you. When we have a clear understanding of your issues and objectives we make sure the training content we develop helps you to reach your goals. Our Pre Training Survey to every delegate adds still further to the development of the training content. We ask each individual questions to give them the opportunity of sharing with us prior to the training programme their major challenges.

An essential element of our Media Sales Training is making sure our delegates understand the fundamentals of marketing. There is little point trying to sell advertising in any medium, or exhibition space, or sponsorship if you can’t work out the value of the marketing proposition for the customer.

What do we charge for Media Sales Training? Whatever our fees are (they’re reasonable) they are nowhere near as high as the cost of having a salesforce who are NOT performing as they should. Neither are they as high as the recruitment costs to replace top talent!

For more information on Media Sales Training, visit our contact us page.

Digital Media Sales Training

While it’s important to understand the nuts and bolts of all things digital, at the heart of our training is the sales conversation you need to have every time you engage with a client. We’ll show you how to structure a conversation that will build a relationship with a client that will bring you greater sales – consistently.

You’ll be training with one of the first companies to offer Digital Media Sales Training. We’ve been there and done it – as Account Director at Expedia and Major Account Manager at Yell.com, so our knowledge of training comes direct from the coal face (so to speak). We are perfectly placed to advise larger media brands and regional businesses.

Who is it for?

Anyone who is currently involved in digital media sales.

Anyone who recognises digital media for the opportunity it presents but doesn’t know how to capitalise on it or maximise the profits from it.

Sales Directors, Managers, Account Managers and Sales Executives.

Knowledge and Skills

  • How to sell digital as standalone media or as a bundle with traditional options and outlets such as magazines, broadcast media, exhibitions and events.
  • We’ll see how leading media brands make money from digital and what you need to do as an individual and as a brand to generate digital advertising revenues.

We’ll take you through:

  • the terminology
  • digital media deal structures
  • the sales conversation
  • how to educate clients
  • how to improve your delivery systems
  • how to increase prices for digital advertising


Increased sales to existing customers

Increase in new customers

Greater relationships with existing clients

An energised sales team enthusiastic about the possibilities of digital sales

 For more information on Digital Media Sales Training, visit our contact us page.

Webinar Training – How to Deliver International Webinars

The Global Economy requires individuals and teams to be able to interact online via webinar software. To be able to deliver these webinars (online seminars) effectively is not something that can be done in an accomplished manner without training.

Our work with major brands, allows senior managers, project managers, directors and vice-presidents to be able to develop:

A) The right content. How to create presentations with structures that create compelling presentations allowing for interaction and follow-up.

B) Language and Tone. How do your choose the right language to use in your presentations. Looking at timings and key messages, the tone of what you say becomes essential to get your message across.

C) Call System Development. How do you runs call with 20 people stationed around the world?


  • Confidence in your ability to control and facilitate each presentation.
  • Be tuned into listening for what is and isn’t being expressed.
  • Be able to present information and interpret data and images for the participants in an informative and engaging way.
  • Be able to evaluate your own performance and recognize how to improve your skills so that your ability can reach its peak.

Our Webinar Training Format:

This training is delivered unsurprisingly, remotely, via webinar. The Training is focused on these broad areas:

1. Defining Your Core Outcomes, and Introducing and Understanding Your Presentation and Methods.

2. Role Plays, present and receive feedback.

3. Performance Evaluation and Identifying the Knowledge and Skills Gaps.

4. The ability to adapt the The Project End Goal.

5. Project Evaluation. Where are you now – how can you take this forward.

Each session develops Goals, Strategies and Actions which you take responsibility for engaging with.

For more information on Webinar Training, visit our contact us page.

Time Management Courses

One day to change every day! What’s the biggest complaint in the modern workplace? Not enough time to complete the tasks you’ve been set. Is modern life just too busy – or are we simply not managing it in a modern way?

Who is it for?

Anyone who feels the clock and Blackberry rules them. It’s aimed at all job functions and all levels in any type of organisation. It’s for anyone who wants to maximise their time at work and increase their productivity and effectiveness in the working day.

Knowledge and Skills

  • Theory and practical issues around managing time.
  • Examine workflow
  • Covey vs. The Success 6
  • Multiple Put Down vs. Parkinson’s Law
  • Consider radical changes
  • Delegates will take part in a project that forces staff to change their time management habits and principles.
  • 4 week assignment for embedding new relationship with time


  • A team or workforce with a greater awareness – and control – of workflow schedules and patterns.
  • A re-energised team who know how to work effectively by appreciating how habit and tradition can act as brakes on the momentum of an effective working day.
  • A more confident and less stressed workforce as they take charge of their daily schedules and make time constraints work for them and not against them.

What They Say

“The feedback from the team was very positive about the content of the training and also they have confirmed that the delivery was excellent. As you are aware our main goal from the workshop was to reduce our time to market for the products we design. We have utilized what we learnt to develop better planning, have concurrent processing and better ownership of projects”

Jane Ridley – Human Resources Manager – Murata

For more information on Time Management Courses, visit our contact us page.

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