Omni-channel Strategy Course, Challenging & Strategic Thinking

Omni-channel is the empowerment of customers to choose how they research when they compare and why they buy from all brands.

 About Our, Omni-channel Training Course

Omni-channel is the empowerment of customers to choose how they research when they compare and why they buy from all brands. It applies to business to consumer brands and business to business. Business to business has had the opportunity to be Omni-channel since the internet was created, they just never viewed it like that. Many businesses have used siloed messaging and marketing and locked down the revenue and the team responsible, to a distinct channel.

For consumers or business buyers, the lines have always been blurred and now with an Omni-channel strategy, all businesses have a chance to allow their customers to have a wider perception of their brand, products and services.

We can now allow our customers to own their data and experience, then give them the ability to use it to guide their creation of products and services which defines their relationship with you and sets up their future interaction.

Omni-channel Marketing And Your Brand

All brands need to be Omni-focused in their marketing, customer service ethics and their delivery to customers. This takes planning, getting the strategy right, and developing the right behavioural and management techniques. When you get this right you are helping your customers to buy from you in the way they like most, all they might need is the right nudge which is not compelling them to do something, rather inviting them to learn more, be aware of a change or take advantage of an opportunity that will help them.

Over the last 5 years Reality Training has helped consumer and business brands to both launch and also perfect their Omni-channel offering.

Our focus is on the behavioural change required from sales and service colleagues, in order to deliver on the Omni-channel promise. To be clear, get this wrong, and you lose customers very quickly. We also, crucially work with managers and help them to lead this change, as with an Omni-channel business you aren’t generating leads in the old-fashioned linear approach, as so you can’t manage sales and service people to convert them in the same way either. The customer may have done a huge amount of their own conversion before you even turn up!

What is your Omni-channel strategy? Do you have one, or are you developing one? We can help you get it right, first time.

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