Omni-Channel Customer Service - How to Increase Repeat Business

By Bob Morrell on July 23, 2015

On a recent training trip in the North of England we were recommended by our hotel to go to a local Indian Restaurant in a nearby High Street. Within the lines of shuttered shops the Chilli Masala Restaurant nestled near some very intimidating pubs. On entering we were politely informed that the restaurant was not licensed so I popped across the road to a convenience store to buy some drinks.

We were served an excellent meal, and then the owner sauntered by our table.

"Hello there!’ he exclaimed. ‘What’s the special occasion?’

I was sitting with Donna Gray, one of our excellent trainers. We’re old friends, but we’re not in a relationship. So what was our response to this great question?

We made something up! I said we were celebrating this brilliant training contract that we were beginning the next day.

Later, as we asked for he bill, he gave Donna some flowers, chocolates and a bottle of sparkling wine! Now he clearly didn’t need to do this, but that’s his signature gift for all customers. A) You must be celebrating something and if you aren’t then you can probably think of something and B) Everyone should be delighted, when they come to my restaurant because they will be more likely to return. Which we will, next week.

So what’s the learning point here?

1. Omni-channel customer service means that all businesses have the chance to create points of delight, or seemingly random acts of kindness for their customers, because they know we are sure to talk about them to others.

2. It’s actually a very low cost form of marketing.

3. And it works across all channels – you could do it face to face, on the phone, via email or web chat, it all comes down to language and confidence, and the ability to optimistically predict good things for your customers.